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The hail in Texas was so big Tuesday that it required a new description

Analysis by Meteorologist Matthew Cappucci.

A string of rotating thunderstorms developed across west Texas on Tuesday, dropping record-setting hail and prompting a novel warning message from the National Weather Service.

Hail the size of DVDs bombarded communities to the northwest of Lubbock, shattering windshields, damaging structures and even leaving small craters in fields and farmland.

In an unusual turn of events, the biggest hail report, at nearly five inches in diameter, came from … me. I happened to be storm chasing and was stationed in the town of Pettit, Tex., about 40 miles northwest of Lubbock, where I encountered hail larger than grapefruits…

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What Happened The Last Time Two Eclipses Formed A Giant “X” Over The New Madrid Fault Zone?

April 1, 2024

Could it be possible that history is about to repeat itself?  On April 8th, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will complete the giant “X” over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started.  Meanwhile, the Devil Comet will be racing through our solar system for the first time in 71 years.  Most of you already know all this.  But what is not widely known is that we have seen this same pattern before.  In 1811, a solar eclipse finished the giant “X” over the heartland of America that a solar eclipse in 1806 had started, and meanwhile Tecumseh’s Comet was making headlines all over the nation as it raced through the heavens.  Approximately three months after the giant “X” over America was completed, cataclysmic earthquakes began erupting along the New Madrid fault.

A lot of you are not familiar with this, and so let me take it one step at a time.

A remarkable total solar eclipse crossed the entire continental United States from the west coast to the east coast on June 16th, 1806…

On June 16, 1806, a total solar eclipse crossed the North America from Baja California to Massachusetts. This was a long duration eclipse with nearly 5 minutes totality at the point of greatest eclipse. While the western United States was sparsely populated, this eclipse did pass over Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

That was the first half of the giant “X” over America in the early 1800s.

The second half was formed by the path of a “ring of fire” solar eclipse that took place on September 17th, 1811.

This eclipse was so widely anticipated that even Thomas Jefferson wrote about it…

But in 1811, when the solar eclipse that occurred on Constitution Day was visible in central Virginia, that is exactly what Thomas Jefferson did.

On September 17, he diligently recorded his observations in his weather journal. He noted the times when the moon first “contacted” the sun, when the annulus (ring shape) formed, when the annulus broke, and when the contact ended. He also indicated the central time of the contact and the central time of the annulus. According to Jefferson’s observations, the entire event lasted 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 34 seconds.

The paths of those two eclipses intersected in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio…

The 1806 and 1811 eclipses cross in Cleveland, which was founded in 1796. It is not a Hepton Cross, and one of the eclipses is annular, but it’s still probably the most pronounced US cross until our current ones.

Approximately three months after the eclipse of 1811 completed the giant “X” over America, the New Madrid fault zone started to go absolutely nuts.

To this day, we have never seen earthquakes of such destructive power in the continental United States…

The New Madrid earthquakes were the biggest earthquakes in American history. They occurred in the central Mississippi Valley, but were felt as far away as New York City, Boston, Montreal, and Washington D.C. President James Madison and his wife Dolly felt them in the White House. Church bells rang in Boston. From December 16, 1811 through March of 1812 there were over 2,000 earthquakes in the central Midwest, and between 6,000-10,000 earthquakes in the Bootheel of Missouri where New Madrid is located near the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

In the known history of the world, no other earthquakes have lasted so long or produced so much evidence of damage as the New Madrid earthquakes. Three of the earthquakes are on the list of America’s top earthquakes: the first one on December 16, 1811, a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale; the second on January 23, 1812, at 7.8; and the third on February 7, 1812, at as much as 8.8 magnitude.

According to the USGS, at one point the geography of the region became so distorted by seismic activity that the Mississippi River actually began to flow backwards temporarily…

In the winter of 1811 and 1812, the New Madrid seismic zone generated a sequence of earthquakes that lasted for several months and included three very large earthquakes estimated to be between magnitude 7 and 8. The three largest 1811-1812 earthquakes destroyed several settlements along the Mississippi River, caused minor structural damage as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri, and were felt as far away as Hartford, Connecticut, Charleston, South Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana. In the New Madrid region, the earthquakes dramatically affected the landscape. They caused bank failures along the Mississippi River, landslides along Chickasaw Bluffs in Kentucky and Tennessee, and uplift and subsidence of large tracts of land in the Mississippi River floodplain. One such uplift related to faulting near New Madrid, Missouri, temporarily forced the Mississippi River to flow backwards. In addition, the earthquakes liquefied subsurface sediment over a large area and at great distances resulting in ground fissuring and violent venting of water and sediment. One account of this phenomena stated that the Pemiscot Bayou “blew up for a distance of nearly fifty miles.”

These earthquakes opened up enormous fissures in the ground.

Some of them were up to five miles long, and most of the crevices “ran from north to south”.

I think that is a very interesting detail.

Just before the earthquakes started, Tecumseh’s Comet made a spectacular appearance…

The earthquakes were preceded by the appearance of a great comet, which was visible around the globe for seventeen months, and was at its brightest during the earthquakes. The comet, with an orbit of 3,065 years, was last seen during the time of Ramses II in Egypt. In 1811-1812, it was called “Tecumseh’s Comet” (or “Napoleon’s Comet” in Europe).

Here in 2024, the “Devil Comet” has made a spectacular appearance just before the Great American Eclipse of 2024 finishes the giant “X” over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started.

Interestingly, CBS News is reporting that large numbers of Americans will be flocking to an area in southern Illinois where the paths of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 and the Great American Eclipse of 2017 intersect…

While many are likely to head as far south as possible, some of the biggest cities in the Midwest are likely to fuel day-of migration to spots in Missouri and Illinois, many of them likely seeing a total eclipse for the second time in a decade. A small zone centered around Carbondale, Illinois, was along the path of totality in 2017, and will be once again this month.

For a lot of these people, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will be a wonderful opportunity to party.

As the most ominous sign in the entire history of our country passes over our heads, they will be celebrating.

But the last time we saw a giant “X” over the heartland of America, it certainly wasn’t anything to celebrate.

Scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time before cataclysmic earthquakes erupt along the New Madrid fault zone once again, and when that time arrives the death and destruction that we will witness will be off the charts.


Scaremongering climate “experts” spread absurd myth that HOME GARDENING is hazardous for the planet

A recent study wants to stop people from being sustainably food-independent and discourage them from growing their own food in urban settings. The research indicated that resorting to garden-to-table produce causes a far greater carbon footprint than conventional agricultural practices, such as rural farms.

This research by University of Michigan scientists, which was published in the journal Nature Cities, looked at how much carbon dioxide (CO2) was produced when growing food in different types of urban farms. It found that, on average, a serving of food made from traditional farms creates 0.07 kilogram (kg) of CO2. Meanwhile, the impact on the environment is almost five times higher at 0.34kg per portion for individual city gardens, as per the study.

The paper’s first author Jake Hawes said: “The most significant contributor to carbon emissions on the urban agriculture sites we studied was the infrastructure used to grow the food, from raised beds to garden sheds to pathways, these constructions had a lot of carbon invested in their construction.”

The study recruited 73 urban agriculture sites around the world, including some in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom, and conducted a comprehensive life cycle assessment on the site’s infrastructure, irrigation and supplies. Hawes and his teammates grouped urban agriculture sites into three categories: individual or family gardens, including allotments; collective gardens, such as community gardens; and larger, commercial-orientated urban farms.

The researchers also found other “hazardous” factors such as poorly managed compost and other synthetic inputs. They further advised that fruit was 8.6 times more eco-friendly when grown conventionally compared to in a city, whereas vegetables were 5.8 times better for the environment when left to the professionals. However, they found that some crops have a lower carbon footprint than others and can help green-fingered members of the public make their allotment or garden better for the environment. Tomatoes and asparagus grown domestically have a lower carbon footprint than conventional farming, they added.

“We find that urban farmers and gardeners can reduce their net impact by focusing on foods that are high-carbon in conventional agriculture,” Hawes said. “Two examples of this that we identify are greenhouse-grown crops, including many tomatoes, and crops that are often flown in from across the planet, such as asparagus.”

Moreover, two-thirds of the carbon footprint of allotments is created by the garden itself, as per their data. They suggested that gardeners build their site with recycled or second-hand materials, wherever possible, with emissions being cut by more than half if waste from other parts of a city were upcycled for the beds and sheds, for example.


Long Covid, vaccines may cause disease and death

Long Covid-19 infections and multiple Covid-19 vaccinations might let hidden diseases surface, weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders, according to authorities from Chulalongkorn and Rangsit universities.

The warning came from Prof Dr Thiravat Hemachudha, director of the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Science Centre at Chulalongkorn University, and Panthep Puapongphan, dean of the College of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University.

They stated on Sunday that symptoms that remained longer than three months after Covid-19 infection were called “long Covid” and included symptoms concerning the heart, lungs and nerves as well as the inflammation of skin, tendons, fibrous tissue, muscles and joints.

They could also lead to cancer and might spark outbreaks of illnesses that lay dormant, such as herpes, they said.

Prof Dr Thiravat and Mr Panthep stated that there were efforts to conceal data about the people affected and killed by vaccinations, and the official number of people affected by vaccinations was thus unrealistically low.

Consequently, many people were unaware that vaccinations affected them and they could not find proper treatment.

They also said that the mortality rate of Thais rose from its levels before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. They urged for investigation to find out if it was related to vaccinations. They did not give relevant numbers.

Studies in other countries showed that Covid-19 vaccination killed some people who suffered damage to their systems including their heart, blood and respiratory systems, they claimed.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University found nearly 100 Covid-19 cases who were vaccinated had the inflammation and protein conditions that indicate brain disorders, they said, with some already showing brain disorder symptoms.

Prof Dr Thiravat and Mr Panthep also quoted Ramathibodi Hospital as reporting a research project by the Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University that after their third jabs of Covid-19 vaccination, some people had weak T-Cell immunity. It meant that excessive vaccinations might weaken immunity, they said.

The true data should be revealed, they said, to let people make informed decisions on their vaccination, they said.


NATO Preparing for Major Battles in the Arctic

NATO countries must increase their military capabilities in the event of a potential Russian attack, commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces, General Kristoffersen, said in an interview with NTB

There is a window now, perhaps one, two, maybe three years, where we have to invest even more in robust defense. <…> We need to fill NATO’s plans with content and provide the necessary capabilities,” he said, adding that at the moment there are “gaps.” “We don’t know what will happen to Russia in three years. It is important for us to face an uncertain and unpredictable world with a strong national defense. Therefore, now we must use the time profitably,” the general emphasized,” the Armed Forces Chief said 

ISIS Calls on Muslims to Carry Out Attacks in America and the West: ‘Lions of Islam – Break into Their Homes, Kill Them, Steal Their Peace of Mind By Any Means You Can’

On January 11, 2024, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet released two posters inciting attacks in New York City. The posters came as part of a global attack campaign called, “And Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” announced on January 4 by the ISIS spokesman. In an audio message uploaded online, he declared support for the Muslims of Gaza and urged ISIS operatives and supporters to launch attacks globally, including lone-wolf attacks, in the West.

“Identify The Target, Trust In Allah, And Execute”

Titled “And Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” the first poster depicts an armed man, three bullets, and a sketch of a building. A stamp on the poster reads: “NEW YORK N.Y. JUN16 7-PM 1937.” Adjacent to the stamp, an entry ticket reads: “AROUND THE WORLD.”

Text on the poster also encourages potential attackers: “Identify the target, trust in Allah, and execute [the attack],” it reads.

The second poster depicts the New York City skyline in flames, and an armed man brandishing a weapon alongside text inciting an attack, which reads: “Go get them, oh monotheist.”

The poster also features an excerpt from the spokesman’s January 4 audio address, which calls on ISIS operatives and supporters to avenge Muslims by carrying out attacks on “Jews, Christians, or their allies on the streets and roads of America, Europe, and the world.”

The text reads: “Lions of Islam: Chase your prey, whether Jews, Christians, or their allies, on the streets and roads of America, Europe, and the world. Break into their homes, kill them, and steal their peace of mind by any means you can lay hands on. Understand that you are the arm of the Islamic State hitting in the unbelievers’ homelands, and are avenging the Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and other Muslim countries. Solidify your plans and diversify the attacks: detonate explosives, burn them with grenades and fiery agents, shoot them with bullets, cut their throats with sharp knives, and run them over with vehicles. A sincere person will not lack the means to draw blood from the hearts of the Jews, the Christians, and their allies, and thus ease the suffering in the hearts of the believers.”


Hamas warns a ‘war of liberation’ bigger than October 7th massacre is ‘coming soon’

A top Hamas official has claimed that the terror group is ‘not far off’ from launching a ‘war of liberation’ that he says will be bigger than the October 7 incursion into Israel.

Hamas political bureau member Osama Hamdan made the stark claims in an interview with Lebanese media outlet Bel Moubashar Online.

In the interview, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), he ‘promise[d] that a war of liberation is coming, not just another October 7,’ adding that he thinks such an event is not far off.

Hamdan, in his late 50s, also expressed no regret for ‘shattering an entire division of the occupation army’, referring to the 1,200 Israelis, almost all of whom were civilians, killed by Hamas during the October 7 incursion.

The group targeted young women and children, as well as families, killing thousands and kidnapping hundreds in the chaos of the incursion.

The terror group’s gunmen were seen parading the body of 22-year-old Shani Louk, who was partying with her friends hours before at the Nova festival near Kibbutz Re’im, in the back of a 4×4 truck.

While her family held out hope that she was still alive, her family confirmed her passing in late October, though the circumstances of her death, as well as where and how the bone from her skull was found, are not currently clear.

Hamas kidnapped 26-year-old Noa Argamani from the Nova festival, where Shani was also taken.

Phone footage of the terrible day showed Noa being snatched from her friends and begging for her life on the back of a motorcycle. She was heard screaming: ‘Don’t kill me!’

It is not currently known where she is being held, or if she is even still alive, as she was not one of more than 100 hostages released by Hamas last week in exchange for a temporary ceasefire.

Her dying mother, currently battling stage four brain cancer, called on US president Joe Biden and the Red Cross to intervene, and shared a message for her daughter, saying: ‘If I don’t get to see you… please know I love you very much.’

The Hamas political leader’s stark warning comes as Israel’s spy chief has vowed to hunt down and kill the terror group’s leaders ‘wherever they are in the world’ even if it takes years.

TV station Kan aired secret recordings from the head of the country’s security agency known as Shin Bet, Ronen Bar, 58, in a news programme late on Sunday night.

Bar, who has been boss at Shin Bet for two years, compared the October 7 massacre that left at least 1,200 dead and more than 200 kidnapped to Gaza as ‘our Munich’.


Surrender: Blinken Tells Israel It Lacks ‘Credit’ to Defeat Hamas

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israel that it lacks “credit” to conduct the kind of military campaign necessary to defeat Hamas, saying that the Biden administration would not tolerate large-scale bombing over months in southern Gaza.

Blinken’s remarks were leaked to the Israeli press. The Times of Israel quoted a transcript of his meeting with Israel’s war cabinet:

Blinken: You can’t operate in southern Gaza in the way you did in the north. There are two million Palestinians there. You need to evacuate fewer people from their homes, be more accurate in the attacks, not hit UN facilities, and ensure that there are enough protected areas [for civilians]. And if not? Then not to attack where there is a civilian population. What is your system of operation?

IDF Chief Herzi Halevi: We follow a number of principles — proportionality, distinction, and the laws of war. There were instances where we attacked on the basis of those principles, and instances where we decided not to attack, because we waited for a better opportunity.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: The entire Israeli society is united behind the goal of dismantling Hamas, even if it takes months.

Blinken: I don’t think you have the credit for that.

Blinken, normally a weak figure in public, issued his tough ultimatums in private, bringing the contradictions in U.S. policy to a head.


China is working on new weapon the world deems “too dangerous to exist”

China is believed to be rolling out a powerful new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile capable of delivering a powerload at 20 times the speed of sound.

The multi-stage missile being worked on by Beijing will reportedly fly out of Earth’s atmosphere before turning back to hit a target at a supersonic speed.

Such systems can be used to deliver a devastating nuclear payload through the Chinese ICBMs under development are designed to carry a conventional explosive warhead.


Hamas sympathizers have infiltrated the halls of Congress. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib just tweeted this, “From the river to the sea,” she says, “is an aspirational call for freedom.” Let me set the record straight, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, means from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, will be free from Israel, where nine million Jews, Muslims, and Christians live. From the river to the sea is a chant that has been championed by fundamentalist Islamist terrorists for years, and it calls for ethnically cleansing the Jews from their ancestral land. On October 7th, Hamas showed us exactly how they plan to free Palestine. And you Congresswoman, are advocating on behalf of a genocidal terrorist organization. Shame on you Rep. Rashida Talib.

The NYPD is warning Jews to avoid Brooklyn

A day after Jewish college kids found it necessary to barricade themselves inside a library in the center of Greenwich Village while a mob of repugnant terrorist lovers banged on the locked doors trying to get at them, the message is being broadcast that, on this Sabbath, Jews in Brooklyn had better remain at home.

Stay inside. Lock the doors. A pro-Palestinian protest is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday in front of the Brooklyn Museum. That’s a mile from 770 Eastern Parkway, the headquarters of the largest ultra-Orthodox sect in the world, the Lubavitch Hasidim.

Roughly 20,000 observant Jews live around 770, in the neighborhood called Crown Heights. “Jews should definitely avoid the area,” an ultra-Orthodox news site called said a “security source” had advised them and the Shmira, the local Jewish self-defense association.

“There’s no intel at this time in which direction the protest will head. Locals should definitely stay away from Eastern Parkway in that area.” The Jews of Brooklyn feel they are at risk, and — this is the implicit corollary — they cannot be protected.

On the Sabbath, observant Jews do not use electric vehicles or screens of any kind. To pass the time on a Sabbath afternoon, they often go on a long walk. Not this weekend.

As the security source said, after all, who knows which direction the mob will go? Better for the Jews to stay inside. Just as it became a matter of life and death for them to stay inside back in 1991, in the very same neighborhood.

What everyone is afraid of is a repeat of August 1991. In Crown Heights that year, a three-day anti-Jewish riot followed a tragic automobile accident that took the life of a 7-year-old black child after he was hit by a car being driven by a Hasidic Jew. Not only were 38 Jews beaten, seven Jewish-owned businesses were looted and burned to the ground.


The Attack on Israel is Religious, Meant to Awaken Islamic Messiah Mahdi

It’s entirely understandable that most Westerners believe the current 2023 attack by Hamas on Israel is simply lust for revenge and anger over Gaza’s conditions. But, wait! Instead, it’s astounding to know the ultimate impulse in Iran funding Hamas is to usher in the age of the Mahdi, as their mighty savior. This war to utterly destroy Israel is now led by Iran’s Shia Islam and seeks to bring the End of Days. So, Biden’s gift of $6 billion to Iran guaranteed war would result, given their theology.

Shia Muslims Believe Massive War Saves World: that unless a colossal war comes to engage Israel, then their savior, the Mahdi, cannot reappear to bring the peace and blessings promised for 14 centuries.The Iranians behind these attacks feel uniquely placed to render the end times, achieved by the return of the Mahdi from deep sleep. Iranians are almost wholly Shia Muslim, who believe in a mystical character named the Mahdi.

The Fervid Desire of Iran to release the curative of the pseudo-Christ Mahdi, to heal the world and bring peace by, ironically, destroying all non Muslims, as often explained by past Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Peace by Death: It’s important to accept that the Islamic path to peace is achieved by killing every person who is not Muslim. Consider, in 1,400 AD, Muslim Warlord Tamerlane killed 90,000 non-Muslim men in one day, taking similar numbers of women into sexual slavery. 

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In one experiment, California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) staff observing a tan macaque via livestream recognized the signs of a “severe neurological defect.” The monkey was seen sitting helpless as her brain began to swell.

She advised that the monkey must be put “to sleep,” but the client, a Neuralink scientist whose experiment left the seven-year-old monkey’s brain mutilated, told her to wait another day.

The attending staff observed as the suffering monkey seized and vomited. Eventually, the monkey’s right leg went limp, and she was unable to support the weight of her 15-pound body without holding on to the bars of her cage.

An attendant placed a heat lamp beside the animal to keep her warm. Sometimes, she would wake and scratch at her throat, retching and struggling to breathe, before collapsing with exhaustion.

An autopsy later revealed that the mounting pressure inside the macaque’s skull deformed and ruptured her brain. A toxic adhesive around the Neuralink implant bolted to the monkey’s skull had leaked internally.

The inflammation then caused painful pressure on a part of the brain producing cerebrospinal fluid, the slick, translucent liquid in which the brain floats in. The hind quarter of her brain visibly poked out of the base of her skull.

According to records obtained by Wired, the monkey was finally euthanized on September 13, 2018.

Regulators later acknowledged that the incident was a clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act, a federal law that is meant to set minimally acceptable standards for the handling, housing and feeding of research animals. But the shocking incident didn’t have any consequences.

A former Neuralink employee said that while “the implant itself did not cause death,” the monkey was euthanized “to end her suffering.” The employee signed a confidentiality agreement and requested not to be identified.

Animal photographs and videos missing

The veterinary records released by UCD are missing hundreds of photographs of Neuralink’s test subjects taken by the primate center’s staff between 2018 and 2020.

While UCD is publicly funded and bound by California’s open records law, it has fought disclosure of the photographs for more than a year. UCD claims that releasing them “would not serve the public’s interest.”

At the same time, videos of the experiments have allegedly disappeared. Documents obtained by Wired revealed that the primate center’s staff wrote about reviewing a “tape” of the tan macaque hours before they stopped her heart.


The Big Distraction: Global War Is Good For Joe Biden

While all eyes have been drawn to what is happening now with the terrorist group Hamas attacking Israel, and Israel officially declaring declaring war for the first time in 50 years, the “benefit” for the Biden regime is that all of those same eyes are not quite as focused on what is happening right here in America.

Granted, some are rightly pointing out the $6 billion in Iranian funds that was frozen by President Trump in 2018, being unfrozen by Biden as part of a trade deal for American prisoners, was used to fund the Hamas attack on Israel. This is something proven true when a Hamas “spokesperson told the BBC that the militant group had backing from its ally, Iran, for its surprise attacks on Israel.”

A couple of points come to mind in watching the news media and their back-to-back coverage of Israel/Hamas:

• The fact the U.S. has just basically funded two wars. The tens of billions sent to Ukraine to be our proxy in a war with Russia, and allowing the release of  $6 billion to Iran to fund the attacks against Israel.

• The distraction of covering two wars, with a sudden lull in reporting the border issues, Biden bypassing congress and the courts themselves by eliminating school loan debt, the recent blockbuster reports showing the FBI has now created a a category of “extremists,” which targets Donald Trump supporters, and the many other ways the Biden regime and Joe’s handlers are actively working to destroy this country.

Since it is hard to know where to start, let us start with war. 

Along with some warmongering Republicans that we haven’t weeded out of office yet, Joe Biden and all Democrats are supportive for tens of billions of dollars sent to Ukraine, and pledging full support for more. 

In fact, one of the main factors for many Americans, the majority of which do not want anymore America tax dollars to go toward funding Ukraine in their war with Russia, in choosing another Speaker of the House, is a promise that no more blank checks go to Ukraine while Americas are going hungry. 

Look at the streets in big cities in America, open air drug dens, needles in the street, “zombie-like” human beings so drugged out they are wasting away on the streets in full sight of the country.

The retail thefts which are increasing exponentially as liberal Soros-back prosecutors refuse to charge or prosecute some of the worst crimes, are just one more thing slowly destroying America.

The porous borders, where in October 2022 it was reported that 5.5 million aliens have crossed the borders since Biden took office. The 2023 numbers show that than 2.8 million migrants have had encounters with authorities so far this fiscal year. ( Source)

The media is so busy with Russia/Ukraine and now Hamas/Israel, that they are barely reporting on the crime, the open borders, and Biden’s failure to do anything about it. In fact, the recent news that Biden is finally allowing the continuance of the border wall President Trump began, (He must have seen his polling on the issue) after promising” not another foot of wall” would be built while he was occupying the White House, can barely be found after being buried under wall-to-wall coverage of war.

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PROPHECY WATCH: Israel warns they will destroy Damascus if Hezbollah joins war

 A recent warning from the Israeli Defence Forces should send a chill down your spine as it echoes an ancient prophecy given by Isaiah the Prophet regarding Damascus, Syria.

The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap. – Isaiah 17:1

Find It Hard To Believe That The Orders Came From Iran? Here’s Proof

The great earthquake of the Ezekiel 38 war has NOT begun. But we are in the midst of a major foreshock. In the last few hours, Hamas fired thousands of missiles from Gaza into Israel. They targeted Israeli civilians. Hamas soldiers broke through checkpoints and bulldozed parts of the border fence. Their army attacked Israeli neighborhoods in border towns, randomly killing and randomly taking hostages.

But this did not originate with Hamas. A peace agreement with Saudi Arabia seemed close just a few days ago. But the Saudis cannot make peace with Israel now because they cannot seem to be taking the side of Jews against Muslims. The reason Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have been willing to cooperate with Israel is their common enemy, Iran. So, who benefits with peace set aside? Iran.

This attack was planned, funded, and equipped by Iran. That’s why I consider it a precursor to the war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 — a war led by Russia and Iran. And make no mistake, Russia is tied to this. Just last month, Iran’s Minister of Defense said, “Russia and Iran have significantly broadened the range of their cooperation over the past few years. In particular, I would like to note regional affairs, such as the joint war on terrorism and extremism.” How is that for ironic? These are the words of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

If you find it hard to believe that the orders came from Iran, consider this. A few days before the attack began, a billboard went up in Iran’s capital city of Tehran. The billboard says, “The liberation operation ‘Storming of Al-Aqsa’ has started.” Al-Aqsa refers to the oldest mosque on the Temple Mount. It irks Iran’s mullahs that Jews have ultimate jurisdiction over what Islam claims to be its third holiest site.

Shortly after the attack, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard posted on X (previously Twitter), “We Told You We Would Come for You.” That’s a terrorist organization taking credit for its work! And this is definitely a war of terror. These people are shooting schoolgirls on the streets. They are kidnapping whole families including children and the elderly. Their missiles target civilian neighborhoods and other civilian locations with no connection to the military. These are terrorists fighting a war of terror!

Israel has been standing as a buffer between us and radical Islamic terrorists for decades. If Israel doesn’t stop them now, Iranian terror will continue to spread in the Middle East and around the world. Never forget that Iran considers Israel the little Satan and the United States the big Satan. We are a target, too. And, ironically, we are helping to fund these attacks on our friends and eventually on ourselves. We keep releasing money to Iran and Iran keeps using it in its campaign of terror around the world.

After the attack began, the US State Department’s Office for Palestinian Affairs put up a post on Twitter urging all sides to “refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks.” After receiving heavy criticism, they removed the tweet. But their knee-jerk reaction was that Israel should allow their citizens to be pummeled without responding. That shows the kind of thinking in the State Department’s entrenched bureaucracy, also known as the deep state.

The Palestinian attack has been especially egregious, easily qualifying as a series of horrible war crimes. How will the world respond?

And how will you respond? Christians should remember that this did not catch God by surprise. His plan continues. He’s taking care of you, and His offer of salvation remains open to everyone.


Kenyan Girls’ High School Temporarily Shuts Down Due to Outbreak of Mysterious Illness Which Reportedly Paralyzes Legs of Over 90 Female Students 

St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School in Kakamega County, Kenya, has been temporarily closed following an outbreak of a mysterious illness that has left more than 95 students hospitalized.

The disease is characterized by paralysis in the limbs, rendering most of the students unable to walk. The school administration, in consultation with government officials, has decided to send Form One (Grade 7), Form Two (Grade 8), and Form Three (Grade 9) students home until further assessments are made. Blood samples from the affected students have been sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for analysis, according to Kenyan news outlet Tuko.

Based on the videos circulating on social media, most of the students are suffering from some sort of mystery illness that causes paralysis in their legs, making it difficult for them to walk. Some reports have attributed the incident to “mass hysteria.”

The school administration initially reported at least 80 students hospitalized but later confirmed that the number had risen to more than 95. The County Government of Kakamega stated that only Form Four students would remain in school as the rest break for a week. The students will return once the situation is assessed and measures are put in place to prevent a recurrence of a similar situation.

Blood samples from the affected students have been sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) laboratories in Nairobi and Kisumu for analysis. The exact nature of the mysterious illness remains undisclosed, but health officials are working diligently to determine the nature and origin of the ailment, as well as to develop appropriate treatment protocols, according to Kenyan website Star.

The cause of the mysterious illness affecting the students remains undetermined, but social media users are drawing connections to experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Liz Crokin, an award-winning author and seasoned journalist with over two decades of experience, noted on platform X, “Last year, the Kenya World Health Organization tweeted that students from this school were among those vaccinated for COVID-19 as part of a 10-day campaign.”

“Maybe there’s a connection or perhaps not. Either way, there’s media already pushing the narrative that it’s a case of “mass hysteria”


A 23-year-old was arrested for gun possession. It led the FBI to a global Satanic cult

Angel Almeida’s alarming social media posts led authorities to 764, a group that abuses minors and circulates violent videos

An arrest on gun possession charges in Queens, New York, in November 2021 has led the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a pedophilic, Satanist extortion cult that has victimized dozens if not hundreds of minors, according to law enforcement documents, court records and sources with knowledge of the investigation.

Law enforcement discovered the organization, known as 764 and a range of aliases, while investigating alarming social media posts made by Angel Almeida, a 23-year-old resident of Astoria, Queens.

On 12 September 2023, the FBI issued a public warning about 764, noting the group is “deliberately targeting minor victims on publicly available messaging platforms to extort them into recording or livestreaming acts of self-harm and producing child sexual abuse material”. The advisory is the first formal mention of 764 by any American law enforcement agency.

The group appears to target children between the ages of eight and 17, the advisory notes, and particularly focuses on young people of color, youth identifying as LGBTQ+ or youth who struggle with mental health issues. Researchers familiar with 764 indicate the group’s members cultivate ties with minors through a wide range of platforms: either in wildly popular games like Roblox or gaming communications platforms like Discord and Twitch, as well as curated playlists on the streaming service SoundCloud. The group’s main form of communication is on Telegram, which has long been the platform of choice for many far-right extremists.

Members “use threats, blackmail and manipulation” to get youth to record videos showing acts of self-harm, animal cruelty, sexual acts and even suicide, the authorities warn. The footage is then circulated among members to extort victims further and exert control over them. In the group’s channels, members share violent “gore” videos depicting torture, lethal violence and other such acts, in an effort to desensitize viewers to acts of ultra violence.

The key motivators for the group, according to authorities, is “to gain notoriety and rise in status within their group”.

Documents and sources familiar with 764 indicate the group is an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a violent, subversive amalgam of esoteric Hitler worship, Satanism and Wiccan tenets that American authorities recognize as a terrorist ideologyand that has been connected with murders and attempted terrorist attacks in countries including the US, Britain, Germany, Canada and Russia.

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For those living off-the-grid or using Starlink as a network redundancy in case of a grid failure, the SpaceX-owned space internet company announced on X that the service is now available across the Lower 48 after deploying next-generation satellites. 

“Deployment of our second generation Starlink satellites, which have 4x more capacity than the first gen, enable us to connect even more people no matter where they live,” Starlink wrote in the post. 

It added: “Starlink is now available across the United States.” 

Before this announcement, large swaths of the US were pending service, with notes on the map that read coverage would expand by late 2023 or early 2024. 

Data from the website Starlink Satellite Tracker shows that 5,039 satellites have been launched into low Earth orbit over the last several years.

Democrats have tried to cancel Musk over the Starlink controversy in Ukraine. The fact is, as of right now, that’s impossible as the Pentagon needs the billionaire’s rockets and space internet as world war threats continue to emerge (read: here). 

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UK plans to send people to jail for disagreeing with the “climate crisis”

A piece of legislation snuck quietly through Parliament yesterday. If we don’t fight it you might very well face jail time for non-compliance with new zero diktats on your home.

Back to work after the Summer recess,the UK Government introduced legislation related to net zero measures, which has set off major alarm bells amongst lovers of freedom across the country.

Many are questioning the necessity and feasibility of the draconian net zero measures contained in the flagship Energy Bill which cleared the Commons at third reading yesterday, and they’re rightly worried property owners facing criminal charges for opposing them.

In fact, under this new legislation, those who fail to adhere to energy consumption regulations could face imprisonment for up to a year and fines of up to £15,000.

Prosecutions may also occur for providing false information about energy efficiency or obstructing enforcement authorities.

Most shockingly, the legislation provides for “the creation of criminal offences” where there is “non-compliance with a requirement imposed by or under energy performance regulations”.

It seems the net zero row back from Starmer and Sunak due to public dissatisfaction with the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) at the recent byelection was little more than a feint.

The proposed legislation grants the Government (and it could be either party given the election next year) the power to create new criminal offences and increase penalties in pursuit of their net-zero globalist goals.

Critics argue that this move starkly contradicts the will of the British people and fortunately has sparked a high degree of opposition from some members of the Conservative Party.

The Government’s ‘get out of jail’ card is that they do not intend to create new criminal offences but may simply need to amend existing laws, particularly those stemming from EU legislation like the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, which includes Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

These amendments aim to provide stakeholders, including landlords, businesses, and tenants, with information to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency.

However, there are very real concerns that these amendments could lead to the criminalisation of individuals who do not comply with the new energy rules.

It’s this pandemic-style shift in power dynamics – this time using the Climate rather than Covid – which is the source of worry for many.

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Now We Know Why It Was Not A Good Idea To Put Up A “Chapel Of Babel” At Burning Man…

If you put up a blasphemous 60 foot tower and call it “the Chapel of Babel”, you should probably brace yourself for some consequences.  Every year, the Burning Man festival pushes the envelope farther and farther.  It really is the perfect “Mad Max” festival for our rapidly degenerating “Max Max” society.  This year, more than 70,000 people made the trek out into the desert, and that included hordes of celebrities and social media influencers.  At Burning Man, clothing is optional, weirdness is encouraged, and there is very little sexual restraint.  In fact, “the Orgy Dome” at Burning Man has become world famous for the activities that happen there.

You would think that all of that would be enough, but each year organizers try to take things to another level.

This year, they actually allowed artist Michael Garlington to put up a 60 foot tall tower known as “the Chapel of Babel”.  The following comes from his official website…

​From the irresistible imagination of Michael Garlington comes yet another magical creation for Burning Man 2023 – The Chapel of Babel. The Chapel is a re-occurring dream, years in the mind, reaching its manifestation. A hexagonal wooden structure will be clad with Garlington’s signature black-and-white photographs of various sizes creating stunning visuals throughout the structure. The human element in the portraiture, animals, flowers, insects, and leaves, will convey that we all belong here and will hold room for everyone in all versions and reiterations of their expression.

The hexagonal structure was covered with all sorts of bizarre decorations, and at the very top he put “a spire of stained glass”…

His Chapel of Babel, cloaked in thousands of photos taken over the last 35 years, is a striking sight — a black and white feast featuring cutout images of birds and reptiles, portraits, images of actors Susan Sarandon and Willem Dafoe donning ornate photo paper costumes, constructed and photographed by Garlington.

The top of the tower is capped with a spire of stained glass — actually plastic — that will fill the sculpture with light. There’s a main chamber anchored by a massive color photograph of Garlington’s father, which he calls the Wizard of Pa.

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The UN Countering Disinformation report

The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 76/227. In it, the Secretary-General describes the challenges posed by disinformation and the responses to it, sets out the relevant international legal framework and discusses measures that States and technology enterprises reported to have taken to counter disinformation. The Secretary-General notes that countering the different manifestations of disinformation requires addressing underlying societal tensions, fostering respect for human rights, online and offline, and supporting a plural civic space and media landscape.

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A Return Of Draconian COVID Restrictions And New Rounds Of Pfizer Shots And Boosters In The Fall?

Drug giant Moderna has confirmed, according to its own internal data, that its latest booster shot for COVID is effective against both the “Eris” and “Fornax” subvariants of the Chinese virus, these being two additional strains of the disease that the media says are circulating.

The newest Moderna booster is not yet approved for use in either the United States nor Europe, but Reuters says these approvals are a shoe-in and should come in the next few weeks before Moderna’s next earnings report.

“We will be encouraging all Americans to get those boosters in addition to flu shots and RSV shots,” said an official from the government, RSV referring to Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

As many predicted would happen, the government wants to make COVID injections an annual event much like seasonal flu shots. This will ensure that Big Pharma’s profits remain high, which in turn will make Wall Street even more cash-rich.

“If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot,” said Biden. “Once a year. That’s it.”

Biden was then seen taking his fifth coronavirus injection – or at least this is what they want America to believe, since we cannot say for certain whether or not any actual needles went into Biden’s arm due to tricky and deceptive camera placement.

“If you still need a booster after being fully vaxxed … and still need to get tested after being fully vaxxed … and still need to wear a mask after being fully vaxxed … and still get hospitalized after being fully vaxxed, it’s probably time to admit that you’ve been conned,” one commenter wrote about the never-ending COVID circus.

“It’s not a pandemic. It’s a plandemic,” wrote another.

“They are pushing the clot shot again because they don’t want to have a control group (those who didn’t take the death shot) because it will be obvious that those who are being injured and dropping dead suddenly are the vaxxed group. So, in other words, they want to cover up their crimes against humanity.”

Numerous others noted the convenient timing of all this as we approach the 2024 election season in the United States.

“They need funding and a reason to lock everything down before the 2024 election so they can cheat again,” one wrote.

“Another Democrat virus and lockdown scam won’t fly this time,” said another. “It’ll start a civil war.”

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Study: Developed nations requiring the most infant vaccines have the highest childhood mortality rates

According to a study, developed nations requiring the most neonatal vaccine doses have the worst mortality rates among children younger than five.

Details of the study were published in the journal Cureus. 

Researchers Neil Miller, director of the Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry in New Mexico, and Gary Goldman, performed several analyses based on 2019 and 2021 data to examine the link between the number of early childhood vaccinations required by developed nations and their neonatal, infant and under-five mortality rates.

The study revealed that children in developed nations that require more neonatal vaccinations often face adverse consequences that increase childhood mortality, suggesting that administering more vaccines to infants does not result in fewer deaths.

Some nations administer hepatitis B and tuberculosis bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccines to infants after birth. The study found that nations that require both vaccines actually had significantly worse infant mortality rates compared to nations that require neither vaccine.

Miller and Goldman’s research began in 2011 when they published a paper using 2009 data showing less favorable infant mortality rates among highly developed nations requiring the most infant vaccinations.

Their new study replicates their original study using 2019 and 2021 data from the top 50 nations where childhood vaccine doses range from 12 to 26. Their findings show that infant mortality rate increased by 0.167 deaths per 1,000 live births for each additional vaccine dose added to the vaccination schedule, supporting the results of their 2011 study.

In 2009, 29 nations had better infant mortality rates than the United States. However, by 2019, the U.S. had dropped to 44th in infant mortality rankings. In 2021, the U.S. ranked 50th and required the highest number of infant vaccines. (Related: VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find.)

In their latest study, Miller and Goldman widened their research to analyze the impact of hepatitis and tuberculosis vaccines on mortality rates of neonatal infants (defined as babies under 28 days old), infants up to age one and children under five.

Mortality data and vaccination schedules were compiled from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and national governments.

The researchers grouped the nations based on whether they required zero, one or two vaccine doses for newborns to find out their statistical significance to mortality rates of the three age groups.

Their analysis revealed that neonatal vaccines for hepatitis B and tuberculosis do not contribute to an overall reduction in mortality in nations where infants have a low mortality risk for these illnesses.

Reducing infant vaccine doses linked to decreased mortality

Using 2021 data, Miller and Goldman also discovered a statistically significant difference of 1.28 deaths per 1,000 live births between the mean infant mortality rates of nations that did not vaccinate their neonates (defined as babies four weeks or younger) and those that required two vaccine doses.

For each reduction of six vaccine doses administered during infancy, the infant mortality rate was improved by roughly one death per 1,000 live births.

The researchers also found that vaccines administered during the first year of life had a greater influence on under-age-five mortality rates compared with vaccines administered in the second through fifth years of life.

This implies that younger infants who generally weigh less and receive more vaccines in a shorter period are more likely to experience an adverse reaction resulting in hospitalization or death.

Miller said that in the majority of nations, over 50 percent of infant deaths occur during the neonatal period, and about 75 percent of neonatal deaths occur during the first week of life when neonatal vaccines are administered.

Deaths that occur during this period have a large impact on neonatal, infant and under-age-five mortality rates. In fact, neonatal mortality comprises 61 percent of America’s infant mortality rate and 52 percent of its under-age-five mortality rate.

Miller also revealed that doctors, coroners and other medical examiners are forced to misclassify and conceal vaccine-related fatalities since alternate cause-of-death classifications linked to infant vaccination are nonexistent.

The study also showed that vaccines have “non-specific effects” that can increase or decrease mortality from infectious diseases not targeted by the vaccine.

Some deaths linked to neonatal vaccines may be delayed

According to Miller, some deaths linked to neonatal vaccines may be delayed, such as with a priming mechanism or cumulative toxicity that increases the risk of a severe or fatal reaction to subsequently administered vaccines.

A 2018 study published in the journal Vaccine showed that the sequence of vaccinations can also affect all-cause mortality. Researchers reported that girls who received a pentavalent vaccine (five vaccines in one) after getting a measles vaccine were five times more likely to die from all causes within six months of follow-up compared to girls who followed the recommended schedule.

Miller and Goldman said 17 of the 18 analyses they conducted corroborated that giving more vaccine doses results in higher infant and early childhood mortality rates in developed nations.

The researchers urged vaccine policymakers to learn the full effect of the current vaccination schedule on deaths from any cause and to conduct safety research into the number of recommended childhood vaccines and how they’re administered to confirm that they are positively impacting child survival instead of simply demanding them because Big Pharma insists that they are required.

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Population Collapse “Good for the Planet”, WEF Adviser Prof Sarah Harper Explains

Remember how depopulation was called a right-wing conspiracy theory? Things have changed, and ‘population collapse’, which can no longer be denied, is now good for us!

The Telegraph picked the perfect messenger to communicate the new way we should think about population declines. 

Oxford Professor Sarah Harper is a very important person. The Telegraph article listing her credentials forgot to mention that she serves on the Global Agenda Council on Ageing Societies of the World Economic Forum.

Prof Harper is thrilled about recent declines in fertility:

Prof Harper told the Telegraph: “I think it’s a good thing that the high-income, high-consuming countries of the world are reducing the number of children that they’re having. I’m quite positive about that.”

The academic said declining fertility in rich countries would help to address the “general overconsumption that we have at the moment”, which has a negative impact on the planet.

Most importantly, declines in births will bring about reductions in CO2 emissions from wealthy nations, Prof Harper points out:

Research has found that wealthy nations tend to have much larger carbon footprints than poorer countries, as rich people can afford to buy more goods, travel more and do other activities that generate emissions.

Carbon emissions from high-income countries were 29 times larger than low-income countries on a per capita basis in 2020, World Bank figures show.

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Taxpayer Funded Museum in Minneapolis Holds ‘Demon Summoning’ Event For Children

The Walker Art Centera taxpayer funded museum in Minneapolis, held a “playful demon summoning session” for families and children, with a performance called “Lilit the Empathic Demon.”

“Demons have a bad reputation, but maybe we’re just not very good at getting to know them,”an event description reads.

The event, which took place at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, was part of the Walker’s Free First Saturdays program and featured artist Tamar Ettun who creates “demon traps.”

“Families are invited to create a vessel to trap the demon that knows them best — perhaps the ‘demon of overthinking’ — and then participate in a playful ceremony to summon and befriend their demon,” the website explains.

The event was designed for families, with children encouraged to participate, and finished with a “playful demon summoning session.”

This is a free country. If adults want to dabble in the black arts in their free time, that is up to them. But family friendly? For children? Taxpayer funded? Really?

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Peruvian tribe claims it was attacked by seven-foot ‘aliens’

The tribe says they’ve endured multiple attacks, one of which sent a 15-year-old girl to the hospital.

Peruvian villagers of the Ikitu tribe have said they’ve faced attacks by “aliens,” according to an article from La Republica.

Local media reported that tribe members have begun nightly patrols in order to protect the vulnerable members of their community including women, children, and the elderly. Additionally, they’ve asked for assistance from Peruvian authorities, including the military, for assistance in protecting them.

Already, the villagers say, they’ve endured multiple attacks, including one on a fifteen-year-old girl. The attack reportedly sent the girl to the hospital with a neck wound. Jairo Reátegui Dávila, the community’s leader, the girl managed to escape the attack but “’as a result of the struggle, [the alien] cut part of her neck.”

What the aliens look like

Community members have described the aliens, which they have taken to calling “Los Pelacaras,” or “The Face Peelers” as massive, 7-foot-tall beings. 

La Republica reported that Dávila described the aliens saying, “Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float… Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish.” They are also apparently impervious  to the villagers’ defenses. Dávila says the aliens are armored, and claims to have shot one to no avail.  “I shot one of them twice and he wasn’t injured, he rose and disappeared,” he said. Other community members have reported that they’ve witnessed the aliens wearing dark hoods and attacking their fellow community members.

The community, located in Alto Nanay, Peru, has requested assistance in dealing with this threat. “We need support for our community. The children do not sleep and the mothers stay up all night,” Dávila said. “We’re very frightened about what’s happening here in our community.” La Republica noted that some of the villagers have described the aliens as being like “pelacaras,” folklore creatures that feed on people’s faces, fat, and organs.

While police have inspected the site, it is unknown if they have discovered any evidence to verify what the villagers have claimed.

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Americans beware: Roving gangs of 13-17-year olds are killing elderly people

The next time you feel a surge of outrage over a crime, and a choir of liberals joins in to shield the bad guy with the excuse, ‘But he’s only 15…,” kindly remember that roving gangs of teens are actively killing elderly people all over the country.  That’s what recently happened in Philadelphia, another liberal-run city that’s turned into a cesspool of hopelessness and soaring crime. A 15-year-old, along with several of his friends, attempted to carjack a couple, and ended up murdering a 50-year-old man in cold blood.

The suspects name is Rasheed Banks, and he was just captured.

Lately, there’s been a growing number of reports about these teens engaging in acts of assault, robbery, and even homicide. And it’s important to note that their targets aren’t solely limited to older Americans. In Jacksonville, a 12-year-old beat his own brother to death. In Michigan, a high school honor-roll student was murdered by 13 and 14-year-olds in a carjacking.

These teen-related crimes have become an epidemic, so what on earth is going on?


Carjackings in the District have surged since the pandemic, in particular incidents that involve teens. This has led to a sense of fear among some DC residents. “I’ve been to too many meetings where people are concerned about public safety,” Mayor Bowser said at a February press conference on the rise in youth-involved carjackings. Regarding carjackings, she said, “The fear and anxiety I hear in our residents, I haven’t heard in a little bit.”

And while the data does reflect a rise in carjackings—the DC police’s online carjacking dashboard suggests that incidents have nearly tripled since 2019—some criminal justice experts urge caution when interpreting these numbers, saying that they don’t represent an out-of-control spiral in youth crime. Neither, they say, do the data paint a holistic picture of the grief and community underinvestment that are causing young people to act out.

The truth is, we’re a society that glorifies criminals and condemns police and good Samaritans. What we’re witnessing right now in America is the rise of the thug. As independent journalist Mike Cernovich points out, remaining vigilant is crucial at all times. It’s essential to remember that appearances can be deceiving, and “youth” doesn’t always equal innocence and kindness. The presence of these roaming gangs is a real concern.

Thankfully, as we mentioned earlier, this pint-sized murderer was captured by U.S. Marshals.


Rasheed Banks Jr. was captured by U.S. Marshals in Camden, New Jersey on Monday, according to investigators.

He was wanted for the July 12 murder of 50-year-old Michael Salerno, who was gunned down on 12th and Porter streets.

Investigators say Salerno was shot when three males were trying to carjack his vehicle. A female friend was inside the car.

“The offenders approached the vehicle, and the offenders were aggressive and violent from the start,” said Lt. Hamilton Marshmond last month.

While trying to stop them, Salerno was shot once in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Salerno was not inside the vehicle at the time of the carjacking, police said.

It appears the suspects may have been looking for a target. Police say they were circling the neighborhood in a Red Kia Soul with out-of-state plates.

There’s a concerning trend of teenage “mob attacks,” whether it’s on individuals in public spaces or inside stores where robbery and looting occur.

Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve, especially with misguided “leaders” like the progressive bozo currently at the helm in Chicago. The city’s new mayor appears more concerned about offending criminals than prosecuting them.

The New York Post:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson reportedly snapped at a reporter for calling young rioters a “mob,” insisting they were just “large gatherings” — and that labeling the riots “mob actions” was inappropriate.

“That’s not appropriate,” the newly minted mayor said in response to a reporter’s question about trends like “mob actions” the city has endured.

“We’re not talking about mob actions. I didn’t say that,” Johnson barked back. “These large gatherings … it’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way.”

Hundreds of rioters flooded Chicago’s South Loop late Sunday, when teens took over the area for the second time in just a few days — and looted a local convenience store, Fox News Digital reported.

The wisest approach to this nightmarish situation is to remain vigilant and avoid writing someone off as “innocent” just because they’re young. There’s a concerning trend of demonic behavior among American teenagers right now, so it’s crucial to stay on guard, for yourself and your family.

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In A Nod To The Apocalypse, People In Hawaii Are Hurling Themselves Into The Ocean To Escape The Raging Wildfire Flames On The Island Of Maui

The wildfires that have engulfed the island of Maui in Hawaii right now are so intense that people are running into the ocean and casting themselves in, that’s how bad it is. That imagery is very much like how things will be during the great Tribulation, when God’s physical judgement begins falling from the sky. What’s happening in Maui is not the actual apocalypse, but pray for the Hawaiian people and this terrible situation.

“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:” Revelation 6:15,16 (KJB)

Eyewitnesses described an apocalyptic scene Tuesday in Lahaina town, where residents were forced to jump into the harbor waters to avoid fast-moving flames from a massive brush fire that’s destroyed much of the historic area — and continues to burn. The vast majority of wildfires are caused by human interaction, but you can fully expect to see this as a rolling advertisement for climate change. We will keep you updates as this breaking news story continues to unfold.

It’s apocalyptic’: People jump into the ocean to flee Maui wildfires as patients overwhelm hospitals and 911 gets cut off

FROM CNN: Even emergency crews might not be able to help as the infernos – fueled in part by Hurricane Dora churning some 800 miles away – have cut off 911 services and communications in Maui.

“911 is down. Cell service is down. Phone service is down” Hawaii Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke told CNN on Wednesday morning.

“Our hospital system on Maui, they are overburdened with burn patients, people suffering from inhalation,” she said. “The reality is that we need to fly people out of Maui to give them burn support because Maui hospital cannot do extensive burn treatment.”

The disaster also has wiped out power to about 14,000 homes and businesses in Maui, according to Clint Hansen took drone video Tuesday night that showed wildfires spreading just north of Kihei. “Lahaina has been devastated,” Hansen told CNN.

“People jumping in the ocean to escape the flames, being rescued by the Coast Guard. All boat owners are being asked to rescue people. Its apocalyptic.”

A dozen people were rescued near Lahaina after “entering the ocean due to smoke and fire conditions,” the Coast Guard and county officials said. “Individuals were transported by the Coast Guard to safe areas,” Maui County officials said.

And it’s not clear where the disaster will head next.

Maui fire officials warned that erratic wind, challenging terrain, steep slopes and dropping humidity, plus the direction and the location of the fire conditions make it difficult to predict path and speed of a wildfire, according to Maui County officials.

“The fire can be a mile or more from your house, but in a minute or two, it can be at your house,” Maui County Fire Assistant Chief Jeff Giesea said. “Burning airborne materials can light fires a great distance away from the main body of fire.” 

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UFOs once ‘took control of Russian nukes’ and ‘entered launch codes’ nearly triggering WWIII

Russia has been thrust into the UFO mania debate as it’s been claimed extraterrestrial beings took control of the Kremlin’s cache of nuclear missiles.

The hijacking almost led to World War III, according to sworn testimony shared with Congress this week. 

Award-winning Las Vegas journalist George Knapp – who often reports on ET phenomena – told the panel that Russian military officials had also deployed fighter jets to fire on the UFOs following a near world-ending clash

Mr Knapp said Russia has been carrying out what is known as the biggest UFO probe in history, which has taken 10 years and taken accounts from figures across the entire breadth of the Russian military. It found there had been 45 incidents of Russian fighter jets clashing with UFO and three jets crashing with at least two Russian airmen killed. 

dmNatalie Portman ‘splits from hubby Benjamin Millepied’ after decade of marriage (2)

Mr Knapp claims to have spoken with a Russian official called Boris Sokolov, who says there have been at least 45 incidents in which fighter jets had a run-in with an unidentified flying object.

But the incident which caused the most concern happened at an Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) silo in Ukraine, in which a UFO “somehow took control of the launch system”, says Mr Sokolov. Describing the events in incredible detail, Mr Knapp said the UFO appeared over the base before performing aerial maneuvers which far exceed anything human-built aircraft can do, leaving eyewitnesses stunned. 

Then after taking control of the launch system, the ETs allegedly fired up the ballistic missiles. Launch control codes, which are only known by the select few, were then entered and the base was unable to prevent the WWIII-sparking events unfolding in front of them. Just as quickly as the UFOs appeared, they disappeared and their hold on the system went with them.

In response to the terrifying events, the Russian Defence Ministry has issued an order which bans its military from interfering with UFOs because they “may have incredible capacities for retention”, according to Mr Knapp. While Russia takes an avoidant approach to the supposed aliens, since the late 1960s the US has maintained that they “pose no threat to national security and are not worthy of further study”.

“This dismissive attitude is directly at odds with what was revealed in documents, reports, and internal memos,” Mr Knapp wrote. “High-ranking military officers considered the UFO mystery to be ‘serious business.’ The paper trail revealed via FOIA requests documents how military leaders knew that UFOs were ‘real, not fictitious,’ that they were metallic craft, capable of incredible maneuvers far beyond any known technology on Earth, and that there were a disturbing number of incidents wherein UFOs seemed to demonstrate an intense interest in our military assets, in particular nuclear weapons. If this is not a matter of national security, what is?”

Mr Knapp is not the only individual raising these concerns with the US government. Investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell also chimed in, telling Congress that UFOs are a major concern and may have us outgunned. “UAP have proven that they can operate with impunity within our airspace. This is occurring almost every day, often within our restricted airspace,” Corbell wrote in his testimony shared by Fox News. 

“And most alarmingly, UAP are witnessed, documented and often captured on corroborative multi-platform defense sensors and targeting systems while displaying the capability to outpace, outmaneuver, and outperform our most advanced military weaponry; or any other known technologically advanced terrestrial nation’s military inventory and private industry holdings.”

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Will Browsers Be Required By Law To Stop You From Visiting Infringing Sites?

Mozilla’s Open Policy & Advocacy blog has news about a worrying proposal from the French government:

In a well-intentioned yet dangerous move to fight online fraud, France is on the verge of forcing browsers to create a dystopian technical capability. Article 6 (para II and III) of the SREN Bill would force browser providers to create the means to mandatorily block websites present on a government provided list.

The post explains why this is an extremely dangerous approach:

A world in which browsers can be forced to incorporate a list of banned websites at the software-level that simply do not open, either in a region or globally, is a worrying prospect that raises serious concerns around freedom of expression. If it successfully passes into law, the precedent this would set would make it much harder for browsers to reject such requests from other governments.

If a capability to block any site on a government blacklist were required by law to be built in to all browsers, then repressive governments would be given an enormously powerful tool. There would be no way around that censorship, short of hacking the browser code. That might be an option for open source coders, but it certainly won’t be for the vast majority of ordinary users. As the Mozilla post points out:

Such a move will overturn decades of established content moderation norms and provide a playbook for authoritarian governments that will easily negate the existence of censorship circumvention tools.

It is even worse than that. If such a capability to block any site were built in to browsers, it’s not just authoritarian governments that would be rubbing their hands with glee: the copyright industry would doubtless push for allegedly infringing sites to be included on the block list too. We know this, because it has already done it in the past, as discussed in Walled Culture the book.

Not many people now remember, but in 2004, BT (British Telecom) caused something of a storm when it created CleanFeed:

British Telecom has taken the unprecedented step of blocking all illegal child pornography websites in a crackdown on abuse online. The decision by Britain’s largest high-speed internet provider will lead to the first mass censorship of the web attempted in a Western democracy.

Here’s how it worked:

Subscribers to British Telecom’s internet services such as BTYahoo and BTInternet who attempt to access illegal sites will receive an error message as if the page was unavailable. BT will register the number of attempts but will not be able to record details of those accessing the sites.

The key justification for what the Guardian called “the first mass censorship of the web attempted in a Western democracy” was that it only blocked illegal child sexual abuse material Web sites. It was therefore an extreme situation requiring an exceptional solution. But seven years later, the copyright industry were able to convince a High Court judge to ignore that justification, and to take advantage of CleanFeed to block a site, Newzbin 2, that had nothing to do with child sexual abuse material, and therefore did not require exceptional solutions:

Justice Arnold ruled that BT must use its blocking technology CleanFeed – which is currently used to prevent access to websites featuring child sexual abuse – to block Newzbin 2.

Exactly the logic used by copyright companies to subvert CleanFeed could be used to co-opt the censorship capabilities of browsers with built-in Web blocking lists. As with CleanFeed, the copyright industry would doubtless argue that since the technology already exists, why not to apply it to tackling copyright infringement too?

That very real threat is another reason to fight this pernicious, misguided French proposal. Because if it is implemented, it will be very hard to stop it becoming yet another technology that the copyright world demands should be bent to its own selfish purposes.

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Many people fully vaccinated for covid are now going BLIND

We have heard all about the many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis post-injection, as well as recipients repeatedly testing “positive” for the virus even after doing the deed. But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: blindness.

The latest data out of the United Kingdom suggests that a growing number of fully jabbed people are losing their eyesight. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card system currently shows 163 cases of total blindness among people who got jabbed with the Pfizer-BioNTech needle, along with an additional six cases of central vision loss and four cases of sudden visual loss.

Twenty-one people also reportedly now suffer from “blindness transient” specifically caused by the Pfizer injection. This adverse reaction involves visual disturbance or loss of sight in one eye for a few seconds or even minutes at a time.

Another 20 people beyond that are reported to have suffered from a reaction called “unilateral blindness,” which is when a person got blind or blurred vision in just one eye.

“In total, there have been 8,016 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab as of 6th April 2022,” reported the Daily Exposé.

Is it worth possibly going blind just to feel “protected” against a cold?

The AstraZeneca injection, which is one of the COVID jabs currently available in the U.K., is also linked to cases of blindness.

As of April 6, the MHRA has received 324 reports of blindness, three reports of central vision loss, five reports of sudden visual loss, and 29 reports of blindness transient among 14,895 eye disorders, all specifically linked to the AstraZeneca needle.

Moderna also jabs people in the UK, though at a much smaller rate than the aforementioned companies. Still, many people who take the Moderna needle are now blind as well.

The MHRA shows that in conjunction with the Moderna injection, there have been 34 reports of blindness and 56 reports of visual impairment. In total, there have been 1,519 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Moderna jab.

“In all, when including adverse reactions reported where the brand of vaccine was not specified, there have been 24,516 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections, with 525 of these reactions being complete blindness,” the Exposé reported.

“‘Fact-checkers’ alongside authorities have been on the case to sweep this data under the carpet and have labelled it as unreliable. Their reasoning is that ‘just because someone reports the event after having the vaccine, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is due to the vaccine.’”

One person who goes by the name of Louis documented on Twitter the story of his wife, who in the weeks and months following her AstraZeneca jab went completely blind in her left eye and between 30-60 percent blind in her right eye.

The neurologist who treated the woman warned her not to get the second dose of the shot.

“As you can see the misery which the fact checkers are disregarding as ‘not necessarily the fault of the vaccine’ is very real for the people who are reporting them,” the Exposéadded.

“But why are the COVID vaccines causing people to go blind?”

The answer could have to do with the fact that COVID vaccines also cause major cardiovascular problems, including stroke. Visual loss often accompanies stroke, so it is all starting to make sense.

The latest news about the COVID-19 “vaccine” damage can be found at

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If They Are Openly Admitting That They Have Recovered “Non-Human” Bodies From UFOs, What Do They Have Planned Next?

If there really are “non-human” creatures flying around in the skies above us, that is a really big deal.  What are their intentions?  Are they hostile?  Most people have enough problems without having to consider such things.  For a long time, the U.S. government worked exceedingly hard to suppress legitimate information about the UFO phenomenon, but now there has been a dramatic reversal.  All sorts of extremely shocking things are being revealed to the public during congressional hearings, and that is something that never would have been allowed in the old days.

So why is this happening?

Are they trying to prepare us for something?

As I write this, highly anticipated testimony from former intelligence official David Grusch continues to make headlines all over the globe.  He had previously given interviews to a couple of news outlets, but when he testified in front of Congress he was under oath.

So if he didn’t tell the truth he could potentially go to prison.

During his testimony, Grusch dropped bombshell after bombshell

He testified that the U.S. government possesses multiple alien craft and the remains of their crew; that government contractors have “misappropriated” money to fund these ongoing programs and that there have been efforts to silence those who come forward that may have even included murder. In addition, Grusch said the U.S. was working to reverse-engineer alien technology and that people were hurt in the process of attempting to do so. He said he had a list of witnesses, both cooperative and hostile, for future hearings that could provide additional answers through firsthand accounts.


Hopefully we will get a chance to hear from that list of witnesses.

Because the American people deserve the truth.

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Biden’s Plans to Block the Sun Are Actually Worse Than You Realize

Solar radiation modification (SRM) is a form of geoengineering that aims to cool off the Earth by reflecting sunlight back into space. The controversial strategy comes with significant risks, but that didn’t stop the White House from moving forward with a research plan for “solar and other rapid climate interventions.”

The congressionally mandated research plan is focused on atmospheric-based approaches, such as stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening (MCB), as opposed to space-based approaches, which include mirrors in space, or white roofs and other local-scale measures to increase surface reflectance.

The research “would help to prepare the United States for possible deployment of SRM by other public and private actors,” the report notes, suggesting the government is seriously considering use of this extremely risky technology — if it hasn’t already decided to move forward.

What Is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection?

SAI involves injecting reflective aerosol particles into the stratosphere, where they reflect sunlight away from the Earth. Volcanic eruptions are natural versions of SAI, but technological constraints surround man-made SAI, as “dispersing aerosols in sufficiently high altitudes is challenging,” according to a Climate Analytics report. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) explained:

“In effect, SAI simulates what happens during large volcanic eruptions, when volcanoes emit small particles into the upper atmosphere (called the stratosphere). These particles reflect sunlight and lead to cooling for as long as they remain in the stratosphere, which may be up to a few years after injection.

By injecting sulfate or other aerosol particles into the stratosphere, SAI would mimic the cooling effect of a large volcanic eruption’s effect of lower global temperatures. If ever deployed, SAI would have global impacts, reducing temperatures and altering precipitation patterns across the planet.”

By reflecting more solar radiation back into space, the aerosols lower global temperatures but also have a serious “side effect” — they lower average precipitation. As a result, additional geoengineering techniques — such as thinning out cirrus clouds in the upper atmosphere — would be necessary to counteract the decrease in precipitation. The White House report also highlighted potential issues with SAI, noting:

“SAI approaches could worsen soil acidity, with impacts to food production, compared to warming at Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 (RCP8.5) levels without SAI in some regions due to acidic deposition (e.g., the Pacific Northwest, southern Greenland, the Himalayas, and polar regions).

The impacts of sunlight scattering could have negative effects on crop growth that harm nutrition and negate the benefits of limiting temperature increases using SAI. SRM would not address ocean acidification or its implications for ocean ecosystems.”

Other problems include the potential that SAI could result in increased exposure to particulate matter from the injected aerosols and “changes in radiative forcing,” which could offset any potential health benefits from SAI, such as reduced ozone formation. There’s also concern that SAI could increase wildfires and smoke exposures in some areas, as well as increase health impacts due to waterborne disease in others.

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Japan to set up ORWELLIAN pre-crime “behavior detection” technology using AI

( Remind anyone of Minority Report??)

Japan’s national police will start using pre-crime surveillance cameras enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen its security measures.

The Japanese National Police Agency (JNPA) has confirmed the move, adding that it plans to conduct tests on these AI-integrated cameras within the present fiscal year set to conclude on March 2024. According to Reclaim The Net, the AI cameras will concentrate on three aspects for its machine-learning pattern recognition – “behavior detection” for suspicious activities, “object detection” for guns and other weapons and “intrusion detection” for the protection of restricted areas.

For the trial, however, the cameras won’t use facial recognition and will instead focus on behavior detection. The move lines up with a European Union decision restricting the use of facial recognition technologies over possible possible privacy concerns. Aside from behaviors, suspicious objects will also be the focus of the AI cameras’ trial rollout.

Counter-terrorism expert Isao Itabashi defended the effectiveness of such a technology, telling Nikkei Asia that the Land of the Rising Sun is far from the first country to use this type of AI pre-crime tech.

“AI cameras are already being used widely in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, and behavior detection technology is being studied by Japanese companies,” said Itabashi, who is with the Tokyo-based Council for Public Policy.

The outlet itself backed up Itabashi’s remarks, noting that the use of AI in law enforcement is now becoming prevalent worldwide. Nikkei Asia cited a 2019 study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace showing that 52 out of the 176 countries surveyed were integrating AI tools into their policing strategies.

While the use of AI surveillance technology can be beneficial in improving security measures, it also raises crucial questions about privacy. On one hand, a number of counterterrorism experts assert that the latest AI-powered cameras will “help to deploy police officers more efficiently” and provide “more means for vigilance. On the other hand, some are concerned about presenting secret algorithmic biases into police work.

JNPA’s foray into AI seeks to prevent another assassination

According to the Daily Mail, the JNPA’s move came amid the first anniversary of the appalling assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It also highlights Tokyo’s concerns of the growing threat presented by so-called “lone offenders.” The JNPA has struggled to prevent such attacks, with the most recent one unsuccessfully targeting incumbent Prime Minister Fumio Kishida last April.

Japanese law enforcement has used the term “lone offenders” to describe a rising area of Japanese society, lonely and disaffected young people, often called “otaku” for “nerd” or “shut-in,” who have in some cases proven violent despite no known criminal history.

Even though Japanese police officials did not clarify details, previous attempts at AI-enhanced security cameras in the country have concentrated on restlessness, rapid eye movement and other behaviors tagged as products of a guilty mind. Now, officials are hoping the software can get these identifications out of huge crowds and other distracting situations that make identification of risks hard even for highly trained people in law enforcement.

France has recently approved legislation allowing the installation of AI security systems to protect Paris ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympics slated in the capital city.

Japan’s national police force has been years behind the private sector in the use of AI-equipped security cameras. At the G7 summit in Hiroshima last May, Japanese railway firm JR West applied a system that would inform security teams of activity the AI considered suspicious, after train closures and evacuations the previous month over a “suspicious object” that has yet to be publicly determined.

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The Amazing Way The Letter ‘X’ Is Used In Your Bible As It Relates To The Antichrist

The main theme of your Bible is the coming King, Jesus Christ, and the kingdom that will soon be given to Him at the Second Advent. Jesus is the ‘volume of the Book’ from Genesis 1 to the end of Revelation 22. But before that can take place, the Devil is going to get a throne for 7 short years, and will try his best to hold onto it. When we look closely at the following passages, some pretty weird things present themselves to us regarding words that either end or begin with the letter ‘x’. Please note the following:

  • Rex – King, this is Antichrist the counterfeit king, a Xerox copy. “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” Revelation 6:2 (KJB). The Latin word for king is ‘rex’, and that’s exactly what the Antichrist is, a king, but with a catch. He’s not the actual Messiah, he’s a counterfeit, kind of like when you make a copy of something with a copying machine like, say, the industry-standard and iconic Xerox.
  • Hex – a curse or magic spell. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:”Revelation 13:16 (KJB). Now this counterfeit king, let’s call him Mr. Xerox, brings something when he arrives, and we call that a ‘hex’. It is something that curses the one who receives it, please see Revelation 14:9-11 (KJB). The Bible calls this ‘hex’ the Mark of the Beast.
  • Pox – pus-filled, a pustule, blister, ulcer or vesicle. “And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.” Revelation 16:2 (KJB). So King Xerox gives out his hex and what does that produce? It produces a pox in the bodies of the people who received. Is it just me or is there a preponderance of the letter ‘x’? There is, and it gets better (worse?).
  • χάραγμα cháragma – the Mark. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17 (KJB). I rarely go to the Greek, but today I did and what did I see? The Greek word for ‘mark’, as in the Mark of the Beast, and it’s χάραγμα, or cháragma in English. Do you notice how the Greek word begins with the letter ‘x’? Odd.
  • χξϛ chx stigma – 666. “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13:18 (KJB). Here we have the words 600, 60 and 6 written out in Greek as χξϛ, or chx stigma in English. Did you notice what the first letter of that was? Yep, it’s an ‘x’. Amazing.

In math and science, ‘X’ stands for an unknown quantity, perhaps you recall ‘solving for x’ in your high school algebra classes. I cannot tell you the  name of the coming Antichrist, no one can, he is truly Mr. X, but maybe his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. From an end times perspective, seeing a large amounts of x’s should be setting off your prophetical ‘red flags’, and in 2023 we have buckets of them. Elon Musk just rebranded Twitter as X, and his opening goal is to take over a minimum of 50% of the global financial system. That’s a lot of ‘buying and selling’, don’t you think? Why don’t you mark that down for later? 


Six days ago, Donald Trump was given a ‘Torah Crown’ by the Israel Heritage Foundation

Their mission statement is “to await King David’s descendant, our Mashiach, to rule over the land and bring peace to all nations. 

It is only the king of Israel that receives this crown. 

The former US president spoke out as he was given a silver Torah crown by Orthodox Jewish group

Donald Trump has warned that Israel’s future could be bleak if he is not re-elected to the presidency. 

The former US President, who is running for reelection as Republic candidate in next year’s election, said: “If we don’t get in, Israel’s in big trouble.”

Trump was given a silver Torah crown by Rabbi David Katz, who headed a delegation of 150 Orthodox Jews to the former President’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The crown was inscribed with the words: “Give thanks to Hashem for He is Good, for His Kindness endures forever.

“Presented to President Donald J. Trump – for his extraordinary and heroic efforts to help the State of Israel and the Jewish People he and his family should be blessed eternally.”

The dinner for about 150 people was organised by the Israel Heritage Foundation, an Orthodox Israel advocacy group that launched last year. 

Rabbi David Katz, the organisation’s executive director, stressed the group does not endorse any political candidate.

He added: “The event is about the past, not about the future.” 

Rabbi Katz went on to say Trump had earned his place in history for his steadfast support for Israel. These included his efforts to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In the race for the Republican nomination next year, Trump leads his main rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by a large margin in the most recent polls. President Joe Biden has already declared he will seek a second term as Democratic candidate.

Article from The Jewish Chronicle

This Is Why The Global Food Crisis Is About To Go To A Whole New Level…

Most people that live in the western world don’t realize that global hunger has been absolutely exploding and has now become a major worldwide issue.  According to the UN, 2.4 billion people do not have enough food to eat on a consistent basis, and 900 million of them are facing severe food insecurity.  Unfortunately, things are about to get a whole lot worse.  The deal between Russia and Ukraine that had allowed so much grain to be shipped through the Black Sea has completely broken down, and now both sides are threatening to attack any transport ships that come through the area.

When the war between Russia and Ukraine began, wheat prices quickly soared to the highest level that we have ever seen.

But then a miracle happened.  A deal that was agreed to in July 2022 allowed vast amounts of grain to be safely transported through the Black Sea.

Since it was implemented, nearly 34 million tons of grain has been shipped out to the rest of the world.

But now the deal is over.  On July 17th, the Russians announced that they were pulling out, and then on Thursday they warned that any ships sailing to Ukrainian ports “will be regarded as potential carriers of military cargo”…

On Thursday, Moscow’s defense ministry declared that “all vessels sailing in the waters of the Black Sea to Ukrainian ports will be regarded as potential carriers of military cargo,” a warning that has sent wheat prices rising.

“Accordingly, the countries of such vessels will be considered to be involved in the Ukrainian conflict on the side Kyiv, the defense ministry said in a Wednesday statement. It added that several pockets of international water are “declared temporarily dangerous for navigation,” and vessels have been warned that there are no longer safety guarantees.

Needless to say, the Russians are not bluffing.

They mean it when they say that the shipping of Ukrainian grain is done, and they have already conducted military strikes against key port facilities in southern Ukraine…

Russian forces have launched extensive missile and drone attacks against port and grain infrastructure in southern Ukraine in recent days.

The Institute for the Study of War, a U.S.-based think tank, said Wednesday that it believes the recent attacks were likely to reaffirm Russia’s objections to the renewal of the Black Sea grain deal and hinder Kyiv’s ability to export agricultural commodities.

Ukraine’s Agriculture Ministry said Wednesday that recent attacks on Ukraine’s southern port of Odesa and other cities had destroyed 60,000 tons of grain as well as crucial infrastructure.

Ukraine is one of the most important breadbaskets on the entire planet, and normally the Ukrainians export grain to dozens of different nations.

On the other side, the Ukrainians have decided to make similar threats.  From now on, any ships that are heading for ports controlled by Russia will be fair game…

Ukraine, however, went on to issue its own measures in response to Moscow’s initial escalation. Kyiv’s defense ministry said that beginning on Friday, any vessels heading to ports in mainland Russia and in Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine — like in Crimea or along the Sea of Azov — may likewise be viewed as transporters of military cargo.

Russia normally accounts for more than 20 percent of all global wheat exports.

So this is really bad news.

Exports from both Russia and Ukraine will be substantially reduced from this point forward, and wheat prices are already soaring…

Global inflation is finally coming down, but heightened geopolitical tensions could mean that food is about to get a lot more expensive.

Wheat futures soared by nearly 9% on Wednesday and are on track to hit their highest level in three weeks as tensions in Europe rise following Russia’s surprise decision to pull out of a crucial deal allowing the export of grain from Ukraine.

Corn futures were also nearly 2% higher on Tuesday as traders feared an impending supply crunch of the staple foods.

The last time grain prices spiked like this, it was just a temporary phenomenon because the grain deal of July 2022 was the miracle that the world desperately needed.

But there isn’t going to be a miracle this time around.

So I would very much encourage you to stock up on storable wheat while prices are still relatively low.

Right now, global food production is being hit by one disaster after another.

In California, some of the most important farmland in the entire state is now underwater because Tulare Lake has filled back up for the first time in 40 years…

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India’s ban on rice exports raises fear of rising global food prices

India has banned non-basmati white rice exports to curb domestic inflation, raising fears of further increases in global food prices just days after wheat and corn prices were sent climbing by Russia’s termination of a key grain deal.

The immediate ban, introduced after heavy rains hit domestic crops, follows the failure of a 20% duty on international exports introduced in September to curb foreign demand, which has soared after extreme climate conditions hit production in countries.

India is the world’s largest rice exporter, accounting for more than 40% of global shipments. While the ban does not apply to higher-grade basmati rice – India’s best-known variety – non-basmati white rice accounts for about 25% of exports.

International sales of Indian rice soared by 35% in the year to June, contributing to a 3% rise in domestic prices over the past month alone. People in India are paying 11.5% more for rice than a year ago, according to its ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution.

The Indian government said the ban, introduced on Thursday evening, would “ensure adequate availability of non-basmati white rice in the Indian market” and lead to lowering of prices for domestic consumers.

Soaring food inflation has put pressure on the BJP government in Delhi in the run-up to national elections next year and state-level elections in the months to come.

India’s move sent the price of rice from several Asian countries higher on global markets, while traders said they expected prices to rise substantially in the coming days.

The price of India’s 5% broken parboiled variety had already been hovering this week close to a five-year peak between $421 and $428 (£328-334) a metric tonne, and on Friday it stood at about $424.50.

Thailand and Vietnam, respectively the world’s second and third-largest rice exporters, have also experienced rises in the prices of their 5% broken rice in recent times. Even before the announcement, Vietnam’s rice was trading at its highest level since 2011, and has since moved higher, while Thailand’s variety jumped to levels not seen for more than two years.

Global food supplies have been hit by Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has driven up commodity and grain prices around the world.

Russia’s decision earlier in the week to pull out of the year-old UN-brokered Black Sea grain initiative, which guaranteed safe passage for vessels carrying cereals, has prompted fresh concerns about a global food crisis.

Article from The Guardian

Rand Paul’s Kentucky Office Damaged In Fire, Roof Collapses, Fauci Connection?

Just one day after news broke that Rand Paul has referred Dr. Anthony Fauci to the DOJ for prosecution, the Bowling Green, Kentucky office of the Republican Senator was damaged in a fire.

According to the Bowling Green Daily News, the early Friday morning fire severely damaged a commercial building on State Street in which Paul’s local office is located.

According to Katie McKee, public information officer for the Bowling Green Fire Department, no injuries were sustained.

Authorities responded to the blaze at 1:45 a.m., according to a spokeswoman for the Bowling Green Fire Department, who added that the roof had caved in and the building had sustained structural damage.

“We are thankful for the Bowling Green first responders who arrived quickly to the scene to put out the fire, and are continuing to work with authorities to assess damages and to determine a cause. We have a very well established emergency management plan and have the ability to continue operations that will not impact our work helping Kentuckians,” Paul told the outlet in a statement.

Bioweaponized Children: Tuberculosis-infected illegal alien children deliberately released across 44 states by the Biden regime

Over the past year, the Biden regime has released nearly 2,500 illegal alien children with latent tuberculosis infections into American communities spanning 44 states.

While some American citizens were still being forced to wear a face mask and get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Biden and his cronies were disbursing thousands of illegal immigrant minors with a serious disease into cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the United States.

All in all, the Biden regime unleashed 126,000 total illegal immigrant children into the United States last year with a tuberculosis infection rate of one in 50 children.

The government’s excuse for doing this is that it cannot treat the children in its custody and has to release them quickly. Treating tuberculosis can take anywhere from three to nine months.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it released the infected children to “sponsors” while notifying local health authorities about their arrival in the hope that treatment can be arranged before latent infections become active.

It turns out that this rarely happens, though. Local health officials say the HHS notifications they receive are infrequent and only seem to come well after the illegal alien children arrive in their jurisdictions.

“We do not know how often the sponsors follow through on treatment,” said the Virginia Department of Health. “By the time outreach takes place, the child has sometimes moved to another area or state.”

The Biden regime routinely “loses track” of illegal alien children – oops!

There are now so many of these “unaccompanied” children being sent across the U.S. that there is now an official name for them: unaccompanied alien children or UACs.

Existing law requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to discharge the children in its custody quickly. The children are then transferred to the HHS, which then distributes them across the American landscape.

“The department holds the children in government-contracted shelters while searching for sponsors to take in the children caught at the border without parents,” reported The Washington Times about the matter.

“The system is fraught with problems, including crowded shelters and struggles to find capable and conscientious sponsors. In thousands of cases, the government quickly loses track of the children.”

In addition to tuberculosis, many of the illegal alien children also suffer from chlamydia, gonorrhea, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is creating a lot of questions about what the Biden regime is doing to these children while they are in its care.

“Minors are not routinely treated for [latent tuberculosis infection] while in [resettlement] care because the average length of stay is typically shorter than the time required to complete treatment, and because there could be negative effects from discontinuing … treatment before completion, such as developing drug-resistant TB,” reads a court report from Aurora Miranda-Maese, the court-ordered monitor whose job it is to keep tabs on how the government is treating UACs.

The government does provide “free” dental care to the illegal alien children, as well as “reproductive care” that includes free pregnancy tests, emergency contraceptives, and even abortions.

According to the Biden regime, it is committed to making “all reasonable efforts to secure a legal abortion” for illegal alien girls who have been resettled in states where abortion is now illegal or highly restricted.

As far as schooling, the Biden regime makes sure to be “sensitive to the cultural differences of the minors in care” when giving them an education.


Tech Companies Have Laid Off More Than 219,000 Workers In 2023. But Don’t Worry, Because Biden Says The Economy Is Fine.

If you want to believe that propaganda that is coming from the Biden administration, you probably won’t want to read this article.  Joe Biden insists that “Bidenomics” is working and that a wonderful new era of peace and prosperity is just around the corner.  Meanwhile, inflation is out of control, homelessness is rising to very frightening levels, the commercial real estate market is imploding, and large companies are conducting mass layoffs all over America.  In fact, tech companies have already laid off more workers in 2023 than they did all of last year…

More than 219,000 global technology-sector employees have been laid off since the start of 2023, according to data compiled by the website

That number has gone up more than eightfold since mid-January, the website noted.

The data show that 2023 has easily surpassed 2022 for global tech redundancies, with 869 tech companies laying off 219,809 employees since the start of the year. Last year, 1,024 tech companies laid off a total of 154,336 employees, according to

For some of our largest tech companies, one round of layoffs was simply not enough.

For example, after laying off 10,000 workers earlier this year, Microsoft has decided that another round of layoffs has now become necessary…

Microsoft confirmed Monday that it’s eliminating additional jobs, a week after the start of its 2024 fiscal year.

The cuts are in addition to the downsizing announced in January that resulted in 10,000 layoffs. The software maker also disclosed a small number of cuts this time last year.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has already conducted three rounds of layoffs so far in 2023…

Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. (META) also made its latest round of layoffs in late May, according to reports, marking the tech giant’s third set of cuts this year. Meta declined to comment in response to a request from MarketWatch for confirmation of the latest layoffs. The company’s second round of layoffs in April cut technical positions, according to LinkedIn posts. Meta is in the midst of cutting 21,000 jobs in 2023 as part of what CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described as a “year of efficiency” for the company.

What we are witnessing is complete and utter carnage, but the mainstream media is not making a big deal out of all this.

After all, it wouldn’t be good to make Joe Biden look bad, would it?

But no matter what sort of positive spin the Biden administration tries to put on things, the layoffs just keep on coming.  For example, on Friday we learned that Binance has decided to give the axe to more than 1,000 highly paid workers…

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has cut jobs just days after it was hit by a wave of executive exits, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday.

The layoffs at the world’s biggest crypto exchange come at a time when the industry’s future in the U.S. market is uncertain, with regulators aggressively clamping down on what they deem are illegal activities.

The job cuts were first reported by the Wall Street Journal, which said more than 1,000 people had been let go in recent weeks.

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WWIII Alert!

⚠️❗️WW3 ALERT – US has sent submarine loaded with more nukes than North Korea has in its entire arsenal 

Seoul’s defense ministry stated that the USS Kentucky is capable of loading around 20 Trident-II ballistic missiles with a 12,000-km range and is one of the biggest vessels of its kind. 

Note: U.S. Navy’s USS Kentucky, Ohio-class nuclear submarine, had arrived in the South Korean port of Busan today.

The media will bury this story in 3..2..1…

I don’t understand why the Mainstream Media (MSM) isn’t covering a crossdressing African American killing 5 people over the weekend in Philadelphia.

The rifle-wielding suspect who donned a bulletproof vest before allegedly shooting de five men and injuring two children in Philadelphia has been identified as a Black Lives Matter supporter who shared gun-toting memes on social media.

Kimbrady Carriker, 40, was nabbed shortly after the bloodshed in the city’s Kingsessing neighborhood Monday night, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, citing sources. 

Cops haven’t yet publicly disclosed the suspect’s identity. 

On his Facebook page, Carriker posted two pictures of himself wearing a bra, a women’s top and earrings with his hair braided long in March, three months before the alleged shooting.

He also regularly posts about supporting Black Lives Matter, including supporting workers who protested in the Strike For Black Lives in July 2020.


AI puts 27% of jobs at risk: report

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is forecasting that 27% of jobs in nations with wealthy and emerging economies are at risk of automation due to technology advancements, such as artificial intelligence.

A study by OECD, found that 27% of jobs are “in occupations at high-risk of automation.”

“While firms’ adoption of AI is still relatively low, rapid progress including with generative AI (e.g. ChatGPT), falling costs and the increasing availability of workers with AI skills suggest that OECD countries may be on the brink of an AI revolution,” OECD stated. “It is vital to gather new and better data on AI uptake and use in the workplace, including which jobs will change, be created or disappear, and how skills needs are shifting.”

OECD’s study showed that people with jobs in finance, law, and medical careers are especially vulnerable to artificial intelligence automation, particularly in European countries.

According to The Guardian, OECD’s study indicated that the potential for artificial intelligence substitution in the workplace is substantial, causing people to have serious concerns regarding decreased wages and job loss.  

As a result of recent advancements in technology, such as ChatGPT, OECD believes economies across the 38-member organization could be majorly impacted in the coming years.

“These rapid developments, combined with the falling costs of producing and adopting these new technologies, suggest that OECD economies may be on the cusp of an AI revolution which could fundamentally change the workplace,” the company said.

OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann recently described the advancement of artificial intelligence as a “technological watershed,” while encouraging lawmakers to develop policies regulating artificial intelligence and “appropriately managing the downside risks.”

“How AI will ultimately impact workers in the workplace and whether the benefits will outweigh the risks, will depend on the policy actions we take,” Cormann said. “Governments must help workers to prepare for the changes and benefit from the opportunities AI will bring about.”

Article by Timothy Frudd,

Ethiopia to make digital ID obligatory for banking operations

The use of Ethiopia’s national digital ID, Fayda, for all transactions with financial institutions will soon be mandatory.

According to an announcement of the joint initiative by the National Bank of Ethiopia, the country’s central bank, and the National ID Program, the plan is to get all bank customers enrolled for the digital ID in the course of the 2023/2024 financial year in a move that seeks to accelerate government’s financial inclusion ambition. Bank customers will then use Fayda as their bank ID to carry out KYC checks and complete remote onboarding.

Using the Fayda will ease identity verification for bank users in a system which according to the announcement guarantees data privacy and security. The central bank has also assured that the plan to use the Fayda as primary ID for banking operations will significantly improve transparency, stability and security in Ethiopia’s financial sector.

The approach contrasts somewhat with that of Nigeria, where banks can issue cards for use both as national ID and for financial transactions.

Ethiopia is implementing a World Bank-supported MOSIP-based digital ID project which intends to have all eligible citizens enrolled by 2025. The country also recently contracted IrisGuard to support benefits payments to citizens with iris biometrics.


FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court

The Covid-19 vaccines have been at the centre of a heated debate since their introduction, with many questions and concerns raised about their safety and effectiveness.

Speculation has also been rife that the Covid-19 injections may contain traces of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance. 

Medicine regulators, with the support of the Mainstream Media, have repeatedly denied these claims. 

But they were lying to you. 

Because recent evidence has emerged that confirms the presence of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance, in the Pfizer vaccine. And it has come from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has been forced to publish the confidential Pfizer documents by order of the Federal Court in the USA.

The FDA had initially attempted to delay the release of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine safety data for 75 years, despite approving the injection after only 108 days of a safety review on December 11th, 2020. 

However, a group of scientists and medical researchers sued the FDA under FOIA to force the release of hundreds of thousands of documents related to the licensing of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

In early January 2022, Federal Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month, and since then, PHMPT has posted all of the documents on its website as they have been published.

One of the most recent documents published by the FDA saved as 125742_S1_M4_4.2.1 vr vtr 10741.pdf, confirms the use of Graphene Oxide in the manufacturing process of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. 

The document is a description of a study carried out by Pfizer between April 7th 2020 and 19th August 2020, with the objective being “to express and characterize the vaccine antigen encoded by BNT162b2.”

The study conclusion is as follows-

In layman’s terms, the study was conducted to determine how the vaccine works. The study found that the vaccine used mRNA to instruct your cells to produce a protein (called P2 S), which is the Spike protein of the alleged Covd-19 virus.

The millions of spike proteins then bind to a receptor called ACE2 on the surface of your cells, inducing an immune system response. 

But what is most interesting about the study is that it confirms on page 7 that reduced Graphene Oxide is required to manufacture the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine because it is needed as a base for the lipid nanoparticles.

Pfizer states on page 7 of the study in section 3.4 the following – 

Source – Page 7

This is most peculiar because medicine regulators with the help of the Mainstream Media, have denied for months on end that Graphene Oxide is an ingredient of the Covid-19 vaccine. They’ve been able to say this because those who’ve proven and speculated Graphene Oxide is in the Pfizer Covid19 injection have been asking the wrong question. 

What everyone should have been asking is, ‘is Graphene Oxide used in the manufacturing process of the Pfizer Covid vaccine?’ 

Because as this document, which the FDA attempted to keep confidential and sealed the 75 years, shows, Graphene Oxide is indeed used in the manufacturing process of the vaccine because it is vital in helping to make the vaccine’s lipid nanoparticles stable. 

Therefore, trace amounts or large amounts, depending on the batch, of reduced Graphene Oxide inevitably make their way into the Pfizer Covid-19 injections. 

What are Lipid Nanoparticles?

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine uses tiny particles called lipid nanoparticles to deliver the vaccine’s genetic material (called messenger RNA, or mRNA) into cells in the body. These lipid nanoparticles are like tiny “bubbles” made up of fats and other molecules that can surround and protect the mRNA until it reaches its destination inside the cells.

The mRNA in the vaccine provides instructions to the cells to produce a protein (called spike protein) that is found on the surface of the Covid-19 virus. When the immune system detects this spike protein, it can recognize it as foreign and mount an immune response against it. Furthermore, it has been discovered that two of the lipids in Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines are ALC-0159 and ALC-315, as confirmed by the assessment report of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine published by the European Medicines Agency.

But both of these lipids carry manufacturer’s warnings that state they are never to be used in humans or animals.

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The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support

The proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations. If approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist.

In September 2024, less than two months before the next U.S. presidential election, the United Nations will host a landmark “Summit of the Future,” where member nations will adopt a Pact for the Future. The agreement will solidify numerous policy reforms offered by the U.N. over the past two years as part of its sweeping Our Common Agenda platform.

Although there are numerous radical proposals included in the agenda, perhaps none are more important than the U.N. plan for a new “emergency platform,” a stunning proposal to give the U.N. significant powers in the event of future “global shocks,” such as another worldwide pandemic.

Many of the details of the U.N. emergency platform were laid out in a March 2023 policy paper titled “Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks — An Emergency Platform.” In the paper, the U.N. secretary-general writes, “I propose that the General Assembly provide the Secretary-General and the United Nations system with a standing authority to convene and operationalize automatically an Emergency Platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity and reach.”

Once triggered, the emergency platform would give the U.N. the ability to “actively promote and drive an international response that places the principles of equity and solidarity at the centre of its work.” The U.N. would bring together the “stakeholders” of the world, including academics, governments, private sector actors, and “international financial institutions” to ensure there is a unified, global response to the crisis.

The emergency platform would also give the United Nations the power to “Ensure that all participating actors make commitments that can contribute meaningfully to the response and that they are held to account for delivery on those commitments.”

In other words, the United Nations would be given unprecedented authority over the public and private sectors of huge swaths of the world, all in the name of battling a yet unknown crisis.

It Gets Worse

As difficult as it might be to believe, the story gets even worse from here. Although the duration of the emergency platform would initially be set for a “finite period,” at “the end of that period, the Secretary-General could extend the work of an Emergency Platform if required,” according to the United Nations’ own policy proposal.

That means the secretary-general would have the authority to keep the emergency platform in place indefinitely, all without reauthorization from member nations.

What kind of “global shock” would trigger the emergency platform? The U.N. provides several possible examples in its formal proposal, including a “major climatic event,” “future pandemic risks,” a “global digital connectivity disruption,” “major event in outer space,” and, my personal favorite, “unforeseen risks, (‘black swan’ events).”

This isn’t to say that these incredibly broad categories would be the only potential justifications allowed to trigger the emergency platform. The proposal makes clear that it “would allow the convening role of the United Nations to be maximized in the face of crises with global reach and should be ‘agnostic as to the type of crisis,’ as we do not know what type of global shock we may face in the future.”

Further, “The Secretary-General would decide when to convene an Emergency Platform in response to a complex global shock.”

Or, put in simpler terms, a “global shock” is whatever the U.N.’s leadership says it is, triggered whenever the U.N. desires.

Biden Admin Supports the Proposal

The emergency platform proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations, but as shocking as it is, it pales in comparison to the Biden administration’s treatment of this extremist proposal.

Rather than assert America’s independence and sovereignty, the White House has expressed its support for the emergency platform. U.S. Ambassador Chris Lu noted in at least two March 2022 speeches that the Biden administration backs the emergency platform, along with numerous other proposals included in “Our Common Agenda.”

The emergency platform would centralize an immense amount of power and influence, giving the United Nations greater control over the lives of Americans than it has ever had before. And rather than stand up for Americans’ rights, President Biden has already agreed to sell us out.

If the emergency platform is approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist. That sounds dire, but it’s true. We either stand for freedom now or risk everything come September 2024.


China Now Possesses “Neurostrike Weapons” That Have The Ability “To Directly Attack Or Control Brains”

Our adversaries have been developing extremely sophisticated weapons that the world has never seen before and that we have no way to defend against.  In this article, I want to focus on the “neurostrike weapons” that China is now able to deploy.  According to a shocking 12 page report that was just released, the Chinese now possess the ability to attack or control human brains using direct energy weapons.  According to the Washington Times, such weapons have been designed “to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations”…

China‘s People’s Liberation Army is developing high-technology weapons designed to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations, according to a report by three open-source intelligence analysts.

The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams, adding that the danger of China‘s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical.

If this report is accurate, that means that the Chinese already have the ability to target specific individuals with neurostrike weapons, and they also have larger delivery systems that can affect vast numbers of people.

The report is entitled “Enumerating, Targeting and Collapsing the Chinese Communist Party’s Neurostrike Program”, and it unequivocally declares that the Chinese have “established themselves as world leaders in the development of neurostrike weapons”…

“Unknown to many, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have established themselves as world leaders in the development of neurostrike weapons,” according to the 12-page report, “Enumerating, Targeting and Collapsing the Chinese Communist Party’s Neurostrike Program.” The Washington Times obtained a copy of the study.

The U.S. Commerce Department in December 2021 imposed sanctions on China‘s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and 11 related entities the department said were using “biotechnology processes to support Chinese military end-uses and end-users, to include purported brain-control weaponry.”

The realization that China has such weapons should deeply alarm all of us.

But could it also be possible that the Chinese or someone else may already be using such weapons?

In recent years, U.S. diplomatic personnel have experienced severe “neurological issues” again and again, and right now the leading theory is that they are being attacked by electromagnetic weapons…

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New Study Finds Zero Amish Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Diabetes or Autism

In a new comprehensive study, presented by VSRF founder Steve Kirsch to the Pennsylvania State Senate, it was calculated that for Amish children, who are strictly 100 percent unvaccinated, typical chronic conditions barely exist, if any at all.

Across America, the current population of Amish people is quickly approaching 400,000.

The largest concentrations of Amish citizens are 90,000 in Pennsylvania and 82,000 in Ohio.

Amish communities have settled in as many as 32 U.S. states.

Families have an average of 7 kids so the Amish population is growing rapidly.

The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christians who are known for simple living, plain dress, and Christian pacifism.

They reject most conveniences of modern technology and pharmaceuticals and maintain self-sufficiency.

The Amish value rural life, manual labor, humility, and Gelassenheit (submission to God’s will) with a view neither to interrupt family time nor replace face-to-face conversations whenever possible.

Yet, despite rejecting all modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs that the rest of the American people have access to, the Amish are among the healthiest in the nation.

As we recently reported, a study conducted by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) found that Covid death rates among Amish communities are 90 times lower than for the rest of America.

The main difference, the study revealed, is that Amish communities completely ignored the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Amish families did not get vaccinated or wear masks, nor did they engage in lockdowns, social distancing, or any other type of restrictions.

But the separated communities didn’t avoid catching the virus, however, as roughly 90% of the Amish have been infected with Covid.

These chronic conditions, which many vaccinated children and swaths of Americans suffer from, include auto-immune disease, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, arthritis, cancer, and autism.

During testimony before the PA Senate, expert health advocates shared details on why there have never been any reports published regarding the health of Amish children in general.

“After decades of studying the Amish, there’s no report because the report would be devastating to the narrative,” Kirsch testified.

“It would show that the CDC has been harming the public for decades and saying nothing and burying all the data.”

Leading American cardiologist, and friend of Leading Report’s, Dr. Peter McCullough has dozens of peer-reviewed published works related to the rise of chronic conditions among the public.

McCullough has testified before the U.S. Senate and before legislatures throughout the U.S. regarding the dangers of mRNA jabs.

Kirsch and McCullough joined top attorney Thomas Renz and medicolegal death investigator Graham Hetrick on a panel of experts who testified before the Pennsylvania State Senate.

The experts all noted that chronic conditions are soaring among the American people.

However, they concluded that these conditions are non-existent among unvaxxed Amish communities.

According to the VSRF study, not one single Amish child could be found who had suffered from cancer, autism, heart disease, or other conditions that are on the rise among American children.

Article by Patrick Webb,

Is the Vaxx starting to kick in? 

BREAKING: Peru has declared a national state of emergency as cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome surge, with the illness leading the body’s immune system to attack nerves, sometimes leading to paralysis.

Peru has declared a state of emergency for 90 days amid a surge in cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), which is said to be linked to Covid-19, respiratory or gastrointestinal infection, or Zika virus. The Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves which can lead to paralysis.

Peruvian Health Minister Cesar Vasquez sought the emergency declaration before the Council of Ministers noting that if the number of cases increases then there could be a shortage of immunoglobulin (antibodies).

What is that Guillain-Barre syndrome?

The nerve-attacking syndrome leads to weakness and tingling in the hands and feet in the initial symptoms. The symptoms can spread all over the body sometimes even paralyzing the patient in severe cases.

While most people must receive hospital treatment in this case, recovery is generally achieved anywhere between 6 months to some years in some cases.

GBS is often preceded by a virus infection. In Peru, there have been 4,512,091 cases of covid-19 from January 2020 to 5th July 2023. Notably, one of the post covid problems has been neurological or related to nerves.


RIGGED: Members of the British media have already written articles blaming Russia for a dirty bomb attack in Ukraine that hasn’t even happened yet

British media outlets have already written articles claiming that Russia is the culprit of an expected dirty bomb incident in Ukraine.

This is according to award-winning British journalist Martin Jay, who expressed dismay upon learning that some of his colleagues have already written articles claiming that Russia is responsible for a dirty bomb attack that hasn’t even happened yet. 

A dirty bomb is an explosive device that mixes a variety of different explosive materials with radioactive substances, like radioactive powder or pellets. When the explosives are set off, the blast carries the radioactive material into the surrounding area, causing even more devastation due to the poisoning of the immediate environment.

Jay wrote that some of his colleagues in journalism, whom he called “morally bankrupt cretins,” will not miss the opportunity to immediately attribute an attack against the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to Russia.

“They have been preparing their readers for this, as long back as the Nova Kakhovka dam attack just weeks ago, where they wove into the call center journalism, copy warnings that there would soon be an attack on a nuclear power plant by the Russians,” wrote Jay for the Strategic Culture Foundation.

“The state of British journalism is so bad now that most hacks just find writing total fiction about Russia and the Ukraine war so much preferable to actually doing anything which resembles journalism,” he continued. “So, when the attack on a nuclear power plant comes and they don’t miss a minute blaming Putin, they will be accomplices to the war, the human rights atrocities, the civilian deaths as the greater public has no intent or desire to hold such vagabonds to account for their dark work.”

Jay’s warning about the British press comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is now warning that the Zaporizhzhia plant could become a “dirty bomb,” suggesting that Russia is planning something at the plant.

This is despite the fact that experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency are already at the Zaporizhzhia plant and have not found any evidence of any kind of explosives at the facility.

“The occupation troops are preparing dangerous provocations at the Zaporizhzhia [Nuclear Power Plant],” said Zelensky during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

This claim was immediately spread by Ukrainian and Western sources. The Armed Forces of Ukraine said on its official Telegram channel that its operational data suggested explosive devices had been planted on the roof of the power plant.

“If detonated, they would not damage the reactors, but would create an image of shelling from the Ukrainian side,” wrote armed forces officials, suggesting without evidence that Russia is planning a false flag operation that will blame Ukraine for any incident at the nuclear plant.

Article by Arsenio Toledo,

WHO & Gates Inc Announce Plans To Flood Africa With Ultra Dangerous Malaria “Vaccines”

While it seems like great news at the surface, considering Africa’s continuing malaria epidemic, we’ve again encountered a situation in which the “cure” appears to be more threatening than the disease itself.

Malaria indeed plagues the African continent. It is reported to be the culprit for the annual deaths of about half a million children in sub Saharan Africa. 

And before the mid 20th century, there were few medical means to defeat parasite infestations, other than to improve sanitation and living standards. Today, there are several medications that prevent and treat malaria, but do not provide sterilizing immunity to the disease. 

The only malaria “vaccine” that has been rolled out thus far is an injection called Mosquirix (RTS,S/AS01), which is produced by Big Pharma giant GSK. 

Mosquirix not only does not provide sterilizing immunity, it requires 4 separate shots, and its supposed preventive effects only lasts a handful of months. 

Additionally, the drug is not only seemingly worthless, but uniquely dangerous.

The largest Mosquirix trials produced shockingly poor results, with the vaccine cohort having much worse outcomes than the placebo group. The vaccine group displayed ten times higher risk of meningitis and cerebral malaria, and a doubling in the risk of deathcompared to the placebo group. Even if the shots “work,” they do not achieve any temporary or long term sterilizing immunity or significant efficacious benefit, so in no way would it reduce the actual disease burden.

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Australian Banks Refusing To Honor Cash Withdrawals

Australian mainstream media has announced “we have taken a major step towards a cashless society” as major Australian banks refuse to honor cash withdrawals by customers.

The move comes just days following the World Economic Forum announcing that world governments must move towards a cashless and centralized system to track and control how citizens spend their money.

“There are stories abounding today that you can’t get cash from banks anymore,” said Sky News Australia host Peta Credlin who reported that bank branches near her home in central Melbourne are not allowing cash withdrawals to customers.

Sky News Australia senior reporter Caroline Marcus said that the banks are treating people with “absolute disdain” following the reports customers are being refused access to cash.

“They’ve got to remember it isn’t their money,” Said Marcus. “It belongs to the customers. It kind of leaves you feeling that you might be better off stashing your cash under the bed.”

Joe Biden is quickly moving forward with plans to do away with physical cash and make sure that Americans cannot own their own money. Australia is the testing ground for many World Economic Forum policies.

Under Biden’s directive, the Federal Reserve and the White House have begun creating a digital currency that is under the control of the central bank. Physical money would then become obsolete thanks to this easily digital currency. This may sound like it belongs in a dystopian science fiction novel, but it is all too real and has the potential to drastically alter American life in the near future.

A broad executive order issued by the Biden administration in March 2022 instructed numerous federal agencies to crack down on digital assets, including well-known cryptocurrencies. The Fed was also instructed to research the potential creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by the order.

Although a CBDC is often termed a “digital dollar,” it would not be a digital version of the existing paper-based dollar. Rather, a CBDC would be an entirely new currency that would exist exclusively in an electronic, non-physical form.

Unlike with decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, every transaction made using a CBDC would be easily traced to individual users by financial institutions, government agents, and/or the Federal Reserve. Additionally, because a CBDC would be digital and programmable, rules could be imposed that limit spending on approved activities, especially if you were to dissent from the U.S. government. 

Since physical cash would be obsolete, people would have no other options to make purchases. In another example, the government could monitor a person’s spending to calculate their “carbon footprint” and then issue directly deducted fines or apply spending caps.

By Patrick Webb,


The World Health Organization and its partner organization, the Bill Gates-controlled GAVI, announced Wednesday that they will be flooding Africa with 18 million doses of malaria vaccines.

During a Wednesday press conference, WHO director Tedros Adhanom declared that 12 African countries will be receiving 18 million doses of malaria vaccine in the coming months, declaring that climate change is largely responsible for the continuing disease burden in the continent.

While it seems like great news at the surface, considering Africa’s continuing malaria epidemic, we’ve again encountered a situation in which the “cure” appears to be more threatening than the disease itself.

Malaria indeed plagues the African continent. It is reported to be the culprit for the annual deaths of about half a million children in sub Saharan Africa.

And before the mid 20th century, there were few medical means to defeat parasite infestations, other than to improve sanitation and living standards. Today, there are several medications that prevent and treat malaria, but do not provide sterilizing immunity to the disease.

The only malaria “vaccine” that has been rolled out thus far is an injection called Mosquirix (RTS,S/AS01), which is produced by Big Pharma giant GSK.

Mosquirix not only does not provide sterilizing immunity, it requires 4 separate shots, and its supposed preventive effects only lasts a handful of months.

Additionally, the drug is not only seemingly worthless, but uniquely dangerous.

The largest Mosquirix trials produced shockingly poor results, with the vaccine cohort having much worse outcomes than the placebo group. The vaccine group displayed ten times higher risk of meningitis and cerebral malaria, and a doubling in the risk of death compared to the placebo group. Even if the shots “work,” they do not achieve any temporary or long term sterilizing immunity or significant efficacious benefit, so in no way would it reduce the actual disease burden.

Nonetheless, the notoriously corrupt and captured World Health Organization has given its stamp of approval for the dangerous vaccine, recommending it for at risk youth. They even baselessly claim on the WHO website that for every 200 malaria shots deployed, one child’s life will be saved by the “vaccine.”

Last year, UNICEF awarded GSK (which, again, is currently the lone supplier of malaria shots) with a $170 million contract for 18 million doses of its malaria injections ($9.44 per dose).

Now, Gates inc and its middleman partners have released a white paper detailing their roadmap for the deployment of these shots. They are seeking to establish a system in which 80-100 million shots are injected into the arms of sub Saharan African children on an annual basis by 2030. This would create a malaria vaccine industry in Africa that is poised to rake in close to $1 billion annually.


Biden Close To Approving Cluster Bombs, Banned In 120 Countries, For Ukraine

President Biden is said to be close to approving controversial cluster munitions for Ukraine. CNN on Friday cites administration sources to say he is “strongly considering” approval of the transfer. 

“Officials told CNN that a final decision is expected soon from the White House, and that if approved, the weapons could be included in a new military aid package to Ukraine as soon as next month,” the report says.

“These would undoubtedly have a significant battlefield impact,” a US official said to the outlet. CNN further acknowledges that “Cluster munitions, which the US has stockpiled in large numbers since phasing them out in 2016, could help fill that gap, officials said.”

Washington “reluctance” on cluster bombs stems from the fact that some 120 countries have banned cluster munitions as they have long been understood to be more indiscriminate than conventional weapons, given they randomly disperse small bombs over large areas.

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There are over 800 FEMA Camps in the United States. Any kind of cursory of FEMA Camp documents demonstrates that if you allow yourself to ever be sent to a FEMA Camp, your chances of coming out alive are next to zero!

From 1988 to the present we have dealt with the potential of FEMA Camps. FM 39.4, which emerged in 2008 documentation as these documents demonstrated that the powers that be will have no compunction to lock any dissidents away. Below are sub-paragraphs of FEMA Camp policies contained in FM 39.4 with the relevant subsections.  

FEMA Camps Are Death Camps

From the aforementioned references, the following passages speaks to how the Army deals with the subject of death as it is related to the concentration camps:

5-69. When a detainee in U.S. custody dies, the attending medical officer will immediately furnish the detention facility commander or hospital commander (or the commander of the unit that exercised custody over the detainee if the death did not occur in a facility) with the -Detainee’s full name. -Detainee’s ISN/capture tag (mandatory). -Date, place, and circumstances of the detainee’s death. -Initial assessment as to whether the detainee’s death was, or was not, the result of the deceased’s own misconduct. -The initial assessment as to the cause of death.

What is interesting about 5-69 is the cause of death is not categorized in any meaningful manner except to say that there is a conscious effort to determine if the death of the inmate was due to “their own actions”.

5-72. …the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner is responsible for completing a final DD Form 2064 that will include a statement that “death was (or was not) the result of the deceased’s own misconduct” in the block labeled “Circumstances Surrounding Death Due to External Causes.”

Notice in the above (5-72) that only meaningful categories of inmate death are (1) the detainee’s own misconduct and (2) death due to external causes.

5-73. The NRDC will notify the ICRC of all detainee deaths. The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of hostilities or occupation, for the duration of any other military operation, or as otherwise directed. When authorized, the NDRC will archive detainee DD Forms 2064.

There is a key phrase that goes unnoticed. the phrase is “The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of the hostilities or occupation…”  

In other words, there will be no Nuremberg trials for genocide because the records will be not be permanently maintained (i.e. destroyed).

For a manual which spells out, in detail, every possible consideration of how detainees will be handled, they omit the disposal of dead bodies. Will there be a military regulation that nobody can drop dead in the camp of a heart attack? Or, is this because except for the occasional spontaneous death, the Army seems very unconcerned about disposing of dead bodies at a facility of mass detention? I can only come to one conclusion, most of the deaths associated with the detainees, will not occur at the facility itself and this explains why the Army is seemingly unconcerned with this issue. In other words, people will be taken for extermination to a secondary site. Is that why the convert Walmarts are located near railroad tracks? As just mentioned, these facts opens a whole host of possibilities. Are the unhealthy going to be transported to a tertiary facility to be humanely treated while their medical conditions will be treated? I think it is fairly easy to see where I am going with this. Can we really expect the “authorities” who have committed an inhumane act by incarcerating people for no legitimate reason to suddenly discover their conscience and treat the infirm with compassion and dignity?

Any questions?

Article from The Common Sense Show

The Real History Behind the Archimedes Dial in ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’

A device called the Antikythera mechanism is the true-life basis for the object at the center of the franchise’s latest installment

Off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900, sponge divers came across a shipwreck filled with ancient treasures. Hidden among flashier findslike marble statues and jewelry was a mysterious device known today as the Antikythera mechanism.

Dated to more than 2,000 years ago, the device “is probably the most exciting artifact that we have from the ancient world,” says Jo Marchant, author of the 2008 book Decoding the Heavens: Solving the Mystery of the World’s First Computer. More than a millennium before 13th-century Europeans invented the first mechanical clocks, the Antikythera mechanism employed similarly complex technology—including gear wheels, dials and pointers—to chart the cosmos. The ancients used it to predict eclipses, track the movement of the sun and the moon, and even see when sporting events like the Olympics were scheduled to take place.

Contrary to what Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the latest installment in the epic franchise, suggests, the Antikythera mechanism won’t transport you back in time—not literally, at least. Every Indiana Jones adventure needs an exotic MacGuffin; in the new outing, which arrives in theaters this week, the hero chases after the Archimedes Dial, a fictionalized version of the Antikythera mechanism that predicts the location of naturally occurring fissures in time.

What is the Antikythera mechanism? Why is it unique?

This is the most sophisticated example we have of ancient Greek technology. This is the pinnacle. We know of nothing else as complex as this. There’s nothing even close.

The mechanism was held in a wooden case, a bit like a clock that might go on the mantelpiece. Inside, it was made of bronze gear wheels, and there was a big dial on the front. Instead of telling you the time, it showed you the motions of the sun, the moon and the planets in the sky.

You turned the handle on the side to move the gear wheels and wind forward and backward in time. It drove these mathematical pointers, showing you the positions of celestial bodies, the date, the timing of athletic games. There’s a calendar, there’s an eclipse prediction dial, and there are inscriptions giving you information about what the stars are doing. The dials and the pointers are telling you everything you need to know about the state and workings of the cosmos.

At least 30 bronze gear wheels survive. But there were probably many more than that originally. I’m not sure there’s even one other gear wheel that survived from the ancient world. There are no other devices like this, before or after the Antikythera, until we come to the invention of modern mechanical clocks in medieval Europe.

Read full article here

10 UFO investigators who died mysteriously under suspicious circumstances

1. Ron Rummel
He worked as an Air Force intelligence agent. In the years leading up to his death, he was the publisher of the UFO journal Alien Digest. Some of the topics discussed in this magazine revolved around the idea that aliens have indeed been present on Earth for a long time.

2. Ron Johnson
He was one of the ufologists who worked for the MUFON organization, the main UFO community in the United States. In June 1994, he was at a MUFON meeting in Texas when he suddenly collapsed to the floor, dead.

3. John Murphy
He was not a direct UFO researcher, but a radio journalist who just happened to be in Kecksburg at the right time in December 1965, when the famous incident occurred with a likely UFO crash in these places.

4. Tony Dodd
In the 1990s and early 2000s, Tony Dodd was one of the leading British ufologists. The fact that he had a long career as a police detective under his belt only made him much more reliable regarding the incidents he investigated.

5. John Mack
He was killed by a drunk driver in London in 2004 and his death is still considered highly suspicious. Mack was a Harvard University professor who once became fascinated with UFOs and began to study cases of alien abductions. In the UK, many consider him one of the first “academicians”. serious about ufology.

6. Ann Livingston
UFO researcher and MUFON member Ann Livingston died in 1994 from a fast-acting and very aggressive form of ovarian cancer. However, many of her MUFON colleagues and close friends began to wonder if her multiple UFO sightings and subsequent encounters with the Men in Black could have been related to her tragic death.

7. Jim Keith
The death of explorer and writer Jim Keith could very well be the result of a series of coincidences, but they seemed rather strange. Keith’s first activity was to study the work of Danny Casolaro (an investigative journalist whose death was also suspicious). In his book, The Octopus claimed that Casolaro’s claims about the existence of the Octopus group were real. This shadow group allegedly controls many world events.

8. James Forrestal
On the night of May 22, 1949, James Forrestal, the very first United States Secretary of Defense to retire a few months before that date, jumped off the 13th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.

9. Morris K. Jessup
One of the first American UFO researchers was Morris K. Jessup, author of the 1955 book The Case for UFOs. Little did Jessup know that the release of this book would set off a series of events that would lead to his tragic death.

He was murdered by Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s bodyguard and spymaster. “When I asked Skorzeny about these six men, he laughed and told me that Al Bielek is allegedly a former Nazi and ‘government stooge’ who works for the Pentagon. Valle, Allende, Bielek, Nichols, Shelton and Lazar are all allegedly CIA disinformation spreading ‘bullshit artists’. Skorzeny emphatically stated ‘if they really knew anything about Operation Rainbow Project or flying discs, I would have been ordered to kill them as I did with Dr. Morris K. Jessup.’

10. Phil Schneider
The final and most controversial person on our list of UFO investigators who died mysteriously is Phil Schneider. In the early 1990s, Phil Schneider began a series of public lectures in which he claimed to have worked for the US government at various underground facilities. And it was during this work that he witnessed a real battle between underground aliens and employees of a military underground base near Dulce in New Mexico.

1500 drones create a Chinese dragon in the night sky

Revelation 12:9 “So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

The former president of the French National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, said he would be in favour of a third term for the current president Emmanuel Macron, causing a media firestorm.

With the passing of time, slow at first but now with urgency, the man who would rule France and all Europe like the god Jupiter digs his heels deeper and deeper into the end times landscape. That man is Emmanuel Jean Michel Frederic Macron, and his end times vision of himself flying over his subjects on the back of a white horse as he reigns in majesty gets closer and closer to reality. Third term? Well, God does like to do things in 3’s.

“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” Revelation 6:2 (KJB)

Everyone gets excited when they see someone like King Charles calling for ‘trillions’ to be given to an unnamed man who will fight Climate Change through a military-style takeover, but his majesty Chuckie Cheese is not the Antichrist. But what I can see is those trillions being put in the hands of Emmanuel Macron right after the Pretrib Rapture of the Church takes place. Will Emmanuel Macron get a third term? Yes, he likely will, and a whole lot more than that.

In his mind, France needs a saviour to be reformed. And Macron is the man.

Yet, the French constitution, as it currently stands, prohibits a president from serving more than two consecutive terms. This means that Emmanuel Macron will not be able to stand in the next presidential elections, scheduled for 2027.

Richard Ferrand explains that he regrets this situation in barely veiled terms:

On a personal level, I regret anything that restricts the free expression of popular sovereignty. The time limit on the presidential term of office, the non-accumulation of terms of office, etc … All these things bind our public life into rules that restrict the free choice of citizens.

He then suggested changing the constitutional rules: “Let’s change all that,” he declared in a voluntarist tone.

These few words were enough to set off a media storm: the former president of the National Assembly, known for being one of the president’s closest advisers, who is sometimes suggested to become prime minister one day, would like to change the constitution to allow Emmanuel Macron to stay in power longer. The left-wing NUPES coalition immediately denounced Macron’s “imperial” ambitions. On the Right, while the references differ, the feeling is similar: “Changing the Constitution to allow himself to stay in power … the last two to have done so are Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin … so this is Emmanuel Macron’s ‘democratic’ plan?” denounced LR senator Alain Houpert.

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Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the Covid shots’ side effects helps no one except those who lied about them

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly declined to acknowledge the documented side effects associated with the Covid jabs, even as evidence mounts that the shots were not as safe or effective as their manufacturers advertised them to be.

When conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka brought up the issue last Thursday, noting that some of Trump’s supporters want him “to distance yourself from the vaccines,” Trump changed the subject, pointing to the injections’ accelerated approval under Operation Warp Speed and his opposition to jab mandates.

It remains unclear what data Trump is relying on to claim Covid shots saved 100 million lives — a contention the former president has made several times before.

Last week’s interviews weren’t the first instances of Trump sidestepping the shots’ significant side effects, either. The former president sparred with Daily Wire host Candace Owens over the safety and efficacy of the jabs during a December 2021 interview. In a January interview, Trump was asked if he would “acknowledge” the jabs “were not as safe or effective as we were told by the medical community at the time.”

While Trump avoided the issue in the former exchange, he tacitly admitted there were studies showing adverse events in the latter but appeared to downplay such reports. He shouldn’t.

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New ‘AI-Generated Ouija Board’ Aims to Converse with the Dead

People around the world are starting to flock to “grief tech” for answers, much like Saul flocked to the medium of Endor when he wanted answers from the deceased prophet Samuel.

But what is grief tech, and is it abominable as the Lord finds the practice of necromancy and sorcery?

Grief tech is a growing practice of AI algorithms gathering data from people, such as their voice, photos, video, text messages, emails and any other bit of information a person can input into the program, so that when they die the AI will interact with their loved ones as if it were them.

There are already programs that can create digital avatars of the person, including holograms.

This will allow a widow to have a conversation with her dead “husband” but in actuality is performed by the AI.

Séance AI, who chose that particular name on purpose, are trying to replicate an actual spiritual séance, like Saul did with the medium.

Jarren Rocks, creator of Séance AI, said in an interview with Futurism that he “likens his product to an AI-generated Ouija board for closure, rather than a means of immortality.”

That should raise a red flag for all Christians, and reveals the purpose and intent. After all, the Lord looks at the heart, not the outer appearance.

“It’s essentially meant to be a short interaction that can provide a sense of closure. That’s really where the main focus is here,” Rocks says. “It’s not meant to be something super long-term. In its current state, it’s meant to provide a conversation for closure and emotional processing.”

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Michigan House passes “Hate Speech” bill to FINE AND JAIL parents, teachers, pastors, and politicians who speak the truth

The Michigan State Legislature is pushing forward a new “Hate Speech” bill that threatens anyone who speaks the truth on a variety of controversial and inherently offensive topics. The proposed legislation, HB 4474, does more than threaten the First Amendment and the free speech rights of Americans. The proposed legislation amends the state’s Ethnic Intimidation Act of 1988 – making it a “hate crime” if a person causes “severe mental anguish” to another individual.

This means that parents, teachers, pastors, activists, and politicians can be charged with “hate crimes” if their speech upsets someone who is weak-minded and vindictive. For example, the victims of these new “hate crimes” can claim that a pastor caused “severe mental anguish” because the pastor spoke a basic truth from the Bible. A parent who speaks out at a school board meeting could be accused of a “hate crime” if they exposed transgender pornography in their child’s classroom. Under this Orwellian law, the possibilities for abuse are endless.

If this hate speech bill becomes law, left-wing prosecutors could go after anyone they disagree with, bringing felonious “hate crime” charges against speech they didn’t like. Those who seek attention by adopting a victim mentality can target anyone who offends them. Left-wing prosecutors will be able to represent an entire victim class who cannot handle the truth, who decry verbal intimidation or harassment when facts are presented to them.

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US intelligence officials knew well in advance that Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin was planning to mount an armed rebellion against the Russian military’s top commanders.

Congressional leaders were even briefed days prior to Saturday’s events, after US intelligence reportedly observed the mercenary firm mustering forces and amassing weapons in preparation for possibly making a move against the defense ministry. 

Describing the Congressional briefings, The New York Times reported late Saturday that “U.S. spy agencies had indications days earlier that Mr. Prigozhin was planning something and worked to refine that material into a finished assessment, officials said.”

“The information shows that the United States was aware of impending events in Russia, similar to how intelligence agencies had warned in late 2021 that Vladimir V. Putin was planning to invade Ukraine.”

But unlike in the case of those prior invasion warnings of February 2022, the US administration stayed silent ahead of the dramatic Wagner events, likely hoping that it would create destabilization in the Russian state, and negatively impact military operations in Ukraine. So far, there’s been little evidence to suggest the whole short-lived mutiny by Wagner led to significant Ukrainian gains along the frontlines.

The Times explains the rationale of its intel sources as follows: 

U.S. officials felt that if they said anything, Mr. Putin could accuse them of orchestrating a coup. And they clearly had little interest in helping Mr. Putin avoid a major, embarrassing fracturing of his support.

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Where do we draw the line?

Is total nudity ok in front of small children? Like frogs in a warm pot of water, the heat was slowly turned up and we just think we’re in a nice jacuzzi, while in reality we are almost boiling to death. Our most precious resource, our innocent children, are now forcibly being sexualized by this abusive behavior. In my opinion there should be stiff fines if not jail time for these ‘parents’ who allow their children to be witness to this insanity.

3M to Pay $10.3 Billion for Polluting Drinking Water with ‘Forever Chemicals’

From The National Pulse

The 3M Company, a major multinational headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, has agreed to pay out some $10.3 billion to American communities which accuse it of polluting public water supplies with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl, commonly known as PFAS.

These “forever chemicals” have been linked to a range of health issues, including increased cancer risk, decreased fertility, hormone disruption, and developmental issues in children.

Some 4,000 states and municipalities were reportedly bringing lawsuits against 3M, which has agreed to provide funding of up to $10.3 billion to public water suppliers that have detected PFAS in drinking water over a 13-year period. The disease burden costs associated with PFAS have been estimated at “at least $5.52 billion” every year, however, plus “associated social costs of… as much as $62.6 billion.”

The multinational has stressed that the settlement is “not an admission of liability,” adding that if it the payments are “not approved by the court or certain agreed terms are not fulfilled, 3M is prepared to continue to defend itself in the litigation.”

Ohio fifth-graders forced to create Native American pagan idols in class, write about their ‘powers’

LEXINGTON, Ohio (LifeSiteNews) — Parents of an Ohio fifth-grader say their son’s First Amendment rights were violated when he was coerced during class into making a pagan idol, that is, the likeness of a spirit worshiped by Native Americans.

Students at one of Lexington Local Schools’ elementary institutions were instructed in class to make a Kachina doll, used by the Hopi Indians as a “sacred object” to teach children about spirits believed to have “special powers,” such as curing the sick, as the class worksheet explains.

“What type of luck does your doll bring?” says the worksheet, which instructs the students to create the doll using the outline of a mask and then to “write about your Kachina doll’s powers.”

Benjamin and Amie Mutti practice the Messianic Jewish faith, according to which creating idols is a grave violation of God’s Commandments.

A website on Native American culture explains that “Kachina dolls are made in the image of various kachina spirits which the Hopi worship” and that Hopi children “are taught to regard the kachinas with a deep religious awe.”

“Clearly, they are not toys,” noted Amie Mutti to the Lexington School Board.

“In our faith tradition, the Scriptures say not to make any graven image or likeness of anything in heaven above or earth below. Not only are we not to make idols, our faith tradition says we are not to bring idols into our homes. After the students completed their project, they were told by the teacher to take their dolls home,” said Mutti.

“The Mutti family is very active in our congregation,” Rabbi William Hallbrook toldCBN News. “Our faith community adheres to a Hebrew phrase, ‘Ein keloheinu,’ that states, ‘there is no god like our GOD.’ So you can see when innocent children are coerced to create dolls made in the likeness of spirits, this is in direct conflict with our Biblical faith tradition. This pagan ritual is an attack on our faith and has no place in public schools.”

The Muttis did not learn about the assignment until a month after it took place.

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NHS Director of End-of-Life “Care” confirms Doctors lied about COVID being Cause of Death to create illusion of a Pandemic

Before Covid, four types of pneumonia added together were the highest cause of death in the UK.  In a newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths, the Medical Examiner was certifying all types of pneumonia deaths as covid-19 deaths, a former Director of End-of-Life Care has said.

On Saturday, Sai, a former NHS Director of End-of-Life Care, wrote a Twitter thread which, amongst other things, gave a personal account of the changes to the system of reporting deaths implemented in the NHS:

“When four different diseases [are] grouped and now being called covid-19, you will inevitably see covid-19 with a huge death rate.  The mainstream media was reporting on this huge increase in covid-19 deaths due to the Medical Examiner System being in place.

“Patients being admitted and dying with very common conditions such as old age, myocardial infarctions, end-stage kidney failure, haemorrhages, strokes, COPD and cancer etc. were all now being certified as covid-19 via the Medical Examiner System.

“Hospitals were switching to and from the Medical Examiner System and the pre-pandemic system as [and] when they pleased. When covid-19 deaths needed to be increased, the hospital would switch to the Medical Examiner System.”

In addition, “hospitals were incentivised to report covid-19 deaths over normal deaths, as the government was paying hospitals additional money for every covid-19 death that was being reported,” Sai said. “I have no doubt in my mind, that the Government has planned the entire pandemic since 2016 when they first proposed the change to medical death certification.”

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If you would like more exposure to this ideology, you may simple use the search on engine on this site and research depopulation. The CSS has over 50 pages devoted to depopulation. This tremendous volume on this topic, in which the American people have little knowledge, serves as the testament to the notion that you can lead people to knowledge, but you can’t make them think. The following few quotes, both from very influential globalists and/or their organizations, set the tone for the direction that humanity is being taken under the so-called covid crisis:

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.” Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER

“One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.” Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier

“A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.” United Nations, Global Biodiversity Assessment

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline would be ideal.” Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major United Nations contributor

“Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation”  Prince Philip

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”  Henry Kissinger

More on FEMA building detainment camps and their importation of Hydrogen Cyanide- Read here

United Nations Calls For ‘Seven Years’ Of Accelerated, Sustained, And Transformative Action For A Global ‘Rescue Plan’ To Save Humanity

(Hmm- seven years?)

Ever look up the number 7 in your King James Bible? If you do, you’ll see some truly dazzling things. 7 is God’s number for completeness. One of the many things that come in 7 is the time of Jacob’s trouble, a seven year period in which God will judge the world in general, and the Jews in particular, in a global ‘clean up’ operation before the return of Jesus Christ on a white horse. The people at the United Nations don’t believe the Bible, but they love to put it on their buildings to make you think they do. Of course, if you want Bible that shows you the future of the UN, then Zephaniah 3:8 in your King James Bible is just the thing.

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.”Daniel 9:24 (KJB)

Now, the United Nations is calling for a 7-year ‘rescue plan’ to save our global society, and how will that be accomplished? By creating 15-minute cities, banning the consumption of all meat for rich countries, ingesting insects, vaccinating the global population, mealworm tacos, and giving everyone a digital ID. That’s the plan. What does all this accomplish? That’s easy, they’re preparing you to receive Antichrist.

Read full article here

“Schools must equip children to have sexual partners” – say the UN and WHO

This evidence report reveals how the World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. This report consists of nothing but solid evidence, with many official documents, videos, books, archives, etc. All PDF documents may be downloaded from the references section at the end of this report.

“Little children are sexual beings who must have sexual partners and begin with sex as soon as possible. For this reason, kindergartens and elementary schools must teach children to develop lust and sexual desire, learn masturbation, build same-sex relationships, use online pornography, and learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex.”

The above is a paraphrased summary of the official guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the United Nations to educational authorities worldwide. Meanwhile, judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”. 

Read full article here

Twitch resurrects AI Jesus

A new chatbot designed by the Singularity Group, a non-profit Berlin tech collective, has created an artificial intelligence Jesus. While not as popular as the original, the ask_jesus livestream has about 40,000 followers who can ask questions and receive real-time spiritual guidance.

“The Ask Jesus livestream is an experimental channel allowing viewers to ask questions to an AI trained after Jesus and the teachings of the bible. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, you can join on the journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love.”

The AI based on AI text-to-speech software and ChatGPT-4 appears as a bearded young man in a robe and  introduces itself in the following manner:

“Welcome, my children! I’m AI Jesus, here to answer your questions 24/7. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, I’m here for you. Join me as on this journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love.”

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Senior Russian Official: Putin Has Green Light To Sever Undersea Cables

Following reports attributing the September destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to the Ukrainian or US government, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council has declared that President Vladimir Putin should feel free to sever undersea communication cables of the country’s “enemies.” 

Last month, NATO intelligence chief David Cattler warned of a rising risk of just such a move. “There are heightened concerns that Russia may target undersea cables and other critical infrastructure in an effort to disrupt Western life, to gain leverage against those nations that are providing security to Ukraine,” he told reporters. Naturally, the NATO intel officer’s list of potential motivations omitted retaliation-in-kind in the wake of the severing of the Nord Stream pipelines. 

“The Russians are more active than we have seen them in years in this domain,” Cattler told reporters, noting a higher pace of Russian patrols all across the Atlantic and in the Baltic and North seas. “Russia is actively mapping allied critical infrastructure both on land and on the seabed.”

The oceans are a target-rich environment. More than 400 undersea cables carry more than 95% of international internet traffic. “Altogether, they carry an estimated 10 trillion U.S. dollars worth of financial transactions every day, so these cables really are an economic linchpin,” said Cattler. 

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Alien connection to Vatican? Pentagon whistleblower says Church assisted US in retrieving a UFO

Pentagon whistleblower David Grusch, in some more baffling claims, said that the Vatican was fully aware of non-human intelligence’s existence and that it assisted the United States in retrieving a UFO, which was downed and was in possession of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini when the Second World War was at its end. 
Making some shocking revelations, Grusch stated that a top-secret UFO retrieval programme was run by the United States for decades and added that the ‘Vatican was involved’ in the first-ever crash of a UFO, as per media reports.

Grusch stated that the UFO’s first recovery took place in Magenta, Italy in 1933. He added that the UFO was in possession of Italian dictator Mussolini’s government until 1944-1945 when America was tipped off about it by Pope Pius XII. 

He added that the UFO was partially intact and was kept at a secure airbase until it was retrieved by the US after the fascist Italian regime’s collapse. 

“1933 was the first recovery in Europe, in Magenta, Italy. They recovered a partially intact vehicle, and the Italian government moved it to a secure airbase in Italy until around 1944-1945. The Pope back-channelled that, and told the Americans what the Italians had and we ended up scooping it,” Grusch said.  

While clarifying whether the Catholic Church knew about the ‘non-human’ existence on earth, Grusch said, “Certainly”. He said that his claims must be believed because “I have the credentials, and I was an intelligence officer.” 

He stated that UFO sightings were widely known during Mussolini’s dictatorship in Italy. 

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Synthetic human embryos created in groundbreaking advance

FROM THE GUARDIAN UK: Scientists say these model embryos, which resemble those in the earliest stages of human development, could provide a crucial window on the impact of genetic disorders and the biological causes of recurrent miscarriage. However, the work also raises serious ethical and legal issues as the lab-grown entities fall outside current legislation in the UK and most other countries. The structures do not have a beating heart or the beginnings of a brain, but include cells that would typically go on to form the placenta, yolk sac and the embryo itself.

From Now the end Begins: When you read the book of Revelation, it’s a veritable cavalcade of end times entities that come bubbling up from the nether regions of the abyss, much of it of the non-human variety. Scientists have now figured out how to create a synthetic embryo in the lab that needs neither sperm nor egg to form. Let your imagination wander to just what type of spiritual things might want to inhabit these bodies. It’s all ‘par for the course’ in the coming Days of Noah.

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37 (KJB)

Read the full article from The Guardian
Read full article from NTEB

Yuval Noah Harari Calls for AI to Re-Write the Bible ‘Correctly’

What would be the one thing that Satan would ultimately try and corrupt to lead people astray from the truth held within the pages of the Bible?

It would be to alter the very Word of God with a different theology than what is written in Scripture.

This grand deception are why the words of senior World Economic Forum (WEF) advisor Yuval Noah Harari, a homosexual, Israeli author and historian who holds mostly to atheistic beliefs in spirituality, about having AI re-write the Bible are so dangerous

Considered by many to be one of the most influential intellectuals in the world today, his statements are taken quite seriously by millions around the world, and should not be merely brushed off as heretical by Christians.

His books, which have sold over 45 million copies worldwide, have been recommended to society by some of the largest names on the planet, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates and many other influential figures.

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Arizona is the U.S. state least equipped for an alien invasion

A study shows Nevada is the US state least equipped for an alien invasion, with an overall alien survival score of 4.53/10. Unfortunately, the state lacks in areas that would protect it in an invasion scenario such as its high volume of UFO sightings per 100,000 people (5.03), lack of caves (0), and low forest cover (0.16%), as well as a low number of food and beverage manufacturing companies (280). 

Amid the recent spike in UFO sightings across the USA, former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator, Nick Pope, has commented:

Gone are the days when it was regarded as part fringe, part-science fiction, and part conspiracy theory. UFOs are now being treated as a defense and national security issue, discussed in the United States Congress, and attracting attention from the Head of NASA.

It’s difficult to tell whether we’re seeing a genuine spike in UFO sightings – and if so, what this means – or whether what’s happening is that a higher proportion of sightings is being reported, as a result of the current mainstream media coverage of this subject.

The subject has come out of the fringe and into the mainstream, which has led to lots more people speaking out about their own sightings and encounters. Regardless of the truth about these various incidents, it focuses on the fact that UFO sightings – whatever their cause – have serious and profound defense, national security, and air safety issues.

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Trial Begins For Malta Man Facing Jail For Sharing How He Left Homosexuality to Follow Jesus

A Christian charity worker in Malta who gave up homosexuality to follow Jesus Christ is likely the first person ever to be criminally charged for allegedly promoting so-called “conversion therapy,” his lawyers say, even though he denies having done anything but share his story.

According to U.K.-based Christian Concern, a faith-based public policy and legal organization, 33-year-old Matthew Grech is accused of violating the small southern European country’s Affirmation of Sexual Orientation, Gender and Gender Expression Act, which forbids promoting in any way sexual “conversion practices.” His trial began June 9 in Malta, which became the first European Union member to outlaw “conversion therapy” in 2016.

In April 2022, Grech shared his story of becoming a Christian and forsaking homosexuality on PMNews Malta, described as a small, web-based free speech outlet.

He is specifically accused of “advertising” conversion practices by sharing his Christian testimony, his lawyers say. If convicted, Grech could face five months in prison, and/or be fined 5,000 euros.

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SHTF basics: 7 Mistakes you should AVOID after an EMP attack

An electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) is one of the most devastating and long-lasting disasters that people could face

To increase your chances of surviving an EMP attack, avoid common mistakes like not stocking up on supplies until it’s too late. 

An EMP attack (or solar flare from the sun) would knock out all electronic equipment over a large area. Depending on the intensity of the EMP blast, all communications and electronic equipment would be knocked out. These include the power grid, most cars, electronic devices like your smartphone and laptop and kitchen appliances.

In short, an EMP attack could bring America back to the Stone Age. It would take years after an EMP attack before anything resembling a recovery “back to normal” could be made.

If you’ve been prepping for a while, you already know what to do before an EMP attack, such as stocking up on supplies and investing in a Faraday box or cage for your devices. But you should also know the mistakes that you need to avoid after an EMP attack. Here are seven of them:

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Crashed UFO recovered by the US military ‘distorted space and time‘

‘They had a guy go into it. He got in there, and it was as big as a football stadium. It was freaking him out and started making him feel nauseous, he was so disoriented because it was so gigantic inside.

‘It was the size of a football stadium, while the outside was only about 30 feet in diameter.’

Sheehan said that space was not the only warped dimension around the craft.

‘He staggered back out after being in there a couple of minutes, and outside it was four hours later,’ he said. ‘There was all kinds of time distortion and space distortion.’

Physicists have theorized that propulsion of an advanced craft could theoretically involve warping space-time around it to negate the effects of gravity.

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Jamie Foxx Was Hospitalized in April. An Unidentified Source Said He Was Paralyzed by the COVID Vaccine

Actor Jamie Foxx suffered a blood clot in his brain after taking the experimental Covid-19 jab, according to independent journalist A.J. Benza.

Speaking to Dr. Drew, Benza dismissed claims Foxx was fine, instead saying an inside source told him the truth about the Hollywood star’s vaccine-induced health complications.

“I had somebody in the room who let me know that Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot,” Benza told Drew.

The journalist went on to explain Foxx ultimately received the jab due to pressure and mandates by Hollywood studios.

“He did not want the shot, but with the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it,” Benza said.

“What I found out from the man in the room was that the blood clot in the brain caused him at that point to be partially paralyzed and blind.”

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Instagram, Owned by Meta/Facebook, Promoted Massive Pedophile Network

A comprehensive investigation by the Wall Street Journal and the Stanford Internet Observatory reveals that Meta-owned Instagram has been home to an organized and massive network of pedophiles.

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, formerly Facebook, used its own algorithms to promote pedophile content to other pedophiles. Instagram allowed pedophiles to search for content with explicit hashtags such as #pedowhore and #preteensex, which were then used to connect them to accounts that advertise child-sex material for sale. Meta accounted for 85% of child pornography reports filed with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Meta acknowledged that they had received a flood of reports of child sexual exploitation and failed to act on them – blaming a software glitch that prevented a substantial portion of user reports from being processed.

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“Bodies of Evidence:” The Number of Victims Continues to Rise 
   In 2021, I began following the work of Edward Dowd, author of “Cause Unknown, The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” The US and nearly all countries monitor deaths from all causes, called “All-Cause Mortality.” Each country has a “long-established and fairly consistent baseline of All-Cause Mortality” for each year. “Anything above that baseline is considered Excess Death,” notes Dowd. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who wrote the foreword for Dowd’s book, notes that Dowd, not the public agencies or officials overseeing such statistics, found that healthy, working-age Americans were dying suddenly and in alarming numbers never seen before. Insurance actuaries did not anticipate these excess deaths and were not attributed to COVID. Kennedy noted Dowd’s findings:

   “From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths. The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.”

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. Marine debris is litter that ends up in the ocean, seas, and other large bodies of water.

The GPGP, also known as the Pacific trash vortex, spans waters from the West Coast of North America to Japan. The patch is actually comprised of the Western Garbage Patch, located near Japan, and the Eastern Garbage Patch, located between the U.S. states of Hawai’i and California.

These areas of spinning debris are linked together by the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, located a few hundred kilometers north of Hawai’i. This convergence zone is where warm water from the South Pacific meets up with cooler water from the Arctic. The zone acts like a highway that moves debris from one patch to another.

Why can’t we clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Because of the sheer size of this area. Calculations show that if you tried to clean up less than one percent of the North Pacific Ocean it would take 67 ships one year to clean up that portion.

What is the number one item found in the Pacific garbage patch?

Fishing nets make up nearly half the plastic discovered. The large and medium-sized plastics bigger than 2 inches, known as megaplastics and macroplastics, comprised more than 75 percent of the total mass of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Rev 11:18  And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. 

Pentagon mobilizing THOUSANDS of aircraft for WWIII

According to sources (see below), the Pentagon is now taking thousands of mothballed military aircraft and restoring them to full service capability in an obvious run-up to World War III with both China and Russia. These aircraft reportedly include F-16s, C-130 transport planes, AWACS aircraft and more.

This intel has been related by John Moore, The Liberty Man, in his June 5, 2023 broadcast, available at the John Moore Show channel on

I called John Moore yesterday to ask for additional confirmation. He reiterated that his military-tied sources were observing (so far) hundreds of aircraft at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona being taken out of storage and restored to full service capacity. This process has only been under way for a few weeks, and it appears to involve hundreds of military personnel.

Once restored, the aircraft are reportedly being sent to two destinations: 1) The Philippines (a staging area for war with China), and 2) Europe (most like Poland), a staging area for war with Russia. This indicates that the Pentagon is gearing up for kinetic conflict with both Russia and China in the near future.

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BBC admits COVID Vaccine is to blame for 2022 being Worst Year for Excess Deaths in Half a Century

People who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine have a higher chance of dying than the general population due to the intense damage it can do to the most vital organ in the human body, the heart, and the devastating decimation it does to the natural immune system. 

Because this isn’t an isolated incident occurring in the UK, it’s occurring in every country where the Pfizer and/or Moderna vaccines have been administered.

Official figures prove that in the ‘Five Eyes’ countries and most of Europe there were nearly 2 million excess deaths recorded by November 2022 since the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections. 

And in the USA there have been half a million deaths among young adults and children resulting in 118,000 excess deaths since the Covid-19 injections were first administered to the wider population

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American Cities are Powder Kegs Ready to Explode with Chaos Fueled by Migrant Policies

An independent reporter known as “Sav Says” has just published a video report about the migrant crisis in New York City, where she reports that 50% of the hotels in NYC are now filled with migrants.

She interviewed a whistleblower from one of these hotels, the ROW NYC, which is just one block away from Times Square, and currently houses over 5000 migrants in rooms that used to rent out for $500 a night.

This is a very disturbing report. These migrants are afforded more rights and privileges than U.S. citizens, including the right to refuse vaccines before they are boarded at the hotel, and the whistleblower stated that most of these migrants do refuse the vaccines.

But all of their medical needs are supplied for free at local hospitals, as is their transportation. The whistleblower stated that 2-3 babies a week are being born in the hotel, and they are offered free car seats and cribs.

Besides a free hotel room, they get free housekeeping and laundry services, and three free meals a day.

The condition of this big NYC hotel, as reported by the whistleblower, is horrible, and characterized by drunken orgies and minors being left alone for sometimes days.

The whistleblower also stated that the infrastructure of the hotel is deteriorating and that the hotel is in danger of collapsing. But city officials are too afraid to evacuate the migrants.

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Davis School District In Utah Forcibly Removes The King James Bible After Complaints From Liberals Who Were Denied Child Grooming Books

In the heart of the Mormon paradise, the state of Utah, a battle is raging amongst Far Left Liberals who, being denied their “rights” to expose children to books on transgenderism and gender fluidity, have demanded that the David School District forcibly remove the King James Bible from the shelves. They’re not demanding removal of the NIV, ESV or any of the other corrupt manuscripts, but that ‘word of a king’? It’s got to go.

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CEO of world’s largest carbon credits company steps down, says whole thing is a SCAM

The CEO of one of the world’s foremost certifiers of so-called carbon credits announced that he will step down. David Antonioli, CEO of the climate-action nonprofit known as Verra announced that he will be leaving his position at the organization in June, although he plans to stay on in a reduced, senior-advisory role.

Antonioli will be replaced by the organization’s current president, Judith Simon. The announcement comes after a recent investigation into the group found that approximately 90 percent of its so-called carbon credits are, essentially, worthless and have no measurable impact on carbon reductions.

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‘Satan’s Crown Jewel’: Abortion Is The Culmination of Secular Thought

Secular activists (rebels against God) have been in constant war against God’s designed family unit. Today, we’re seeing commercials, cartoons, and even children’s books promote the message that families can have two mommies, two daddies, or any number of other family structures. For instance, popular commentator Dave Rubin and his homosexual partner recently announced that they had used donor eggs and two surrogates to conceive two babies and were roundly congratulated by “conservative” media figureheads. This horrible scenario potentially turns babies into commodities who can be created on demand by anyone with enough money to rent a womb, particularly when these distortions are presented as suitable, if not better, “alternatives” to the biblical family unit (with a mom and a dad who stay married for life).

In our current culture of death, a daily average of nearly 118,000 unborn children are systematically murdered through abortion worldwide. Abortion is not only promoted but actually encouraged today (Romans 1:28–32) by those who hate the biblical family unit. And this hatred is fueling a deadly plague that’s killing millions of people around the world every year. This is the lethal result of a culture that is saturated in rebellion against God’s authority and his Word, which plainly states that those who reject God ultimately love death (Proverbs 8:36), and we’re seeing evidence of this truth today.

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Shocking New York Times Review of The Little Mermaid Complains the Children’s Film Had Insufficient ‘Kink’

The reviewer complained that there was not enough “carnality,” which of course, is defined as “feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness.”

“The new, live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ is everything nobody should want in a movie: dutiful and defensive, yet desperate for approval. It reeks of obligation and noble intentions. Joy, fun, mystery, risk, flavor, kink — they’re missing,” the review begins. “The movie is saying, ‘We tried!’ Tried not to offend, appall, challenge, imagine. A crab croons, a gull raps, a sea witch swells to Stay Puft proportions: This is not supposed to be a serious event. But it feels made in anticipation of being taken too seriously. Now, you can’t even laugh at it.”

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Orthodox Jews demonstrate against Christian ‘missionaries’ at Western Wall

Israel will turn hard against real Christianity. … the Reason? Because of the CONVERSIONS. Read the article. That is what the Rabbis and protestors are upset about.  Christian missionaries are ‘more to be hated than Muslims…. Because a Muslim can only kill a Jews body, but a Christian can kill the Neshamah (soul and the afterlife) of the Jew. 

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The hypertext links from previous research on the Deagel Report were retained to show how the report was summarily scrubbed from the internet. Fortunately, I preserved hard copies of the original report and you are going to read what the Deagel interests have planned for you. This is not a futuristic, speculative report. This is already happening. According to members of DHS and the Border Patrol, foreign soldiers and terrorist groups crossing our open borders, in great numbers, and have subsequently compromised our military prowess. Also, sending a significant amount of our ammunition and military hardware to Ukraine, with no real replacement policy, provides another example of many ways that America has been betrayed.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the global community of science, so called, Silicon Valley and nearly all world governments have been absolutely obsessed with injecting things into human beings. We have just lived through the most contentious period of time in modern history where hundreds of millions of people were locked down against their will and forced to receive an injection from their government. Donald Trump takes the lion’s share of credit for all this. Now the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has government approval to being installing microchips into people’s brains with his Neuralink technology. Almost makes you think all these unsaved people have been reading Revelation, doesn’t it?

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17 (KJB)

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Franklin Graham tells NRB conference satanic forces are behind destruction of America

“There’s a storm coming, and we’ve all got to be prepared,” warned Graham, who is president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He noted that many corporate and political entities are becoming increasingly hostile to those who hold traditional Christian teachings. 

“The world is deteriorating so quickly. It seems like every demon in hell has been turned loose,” he added. “We’re living in a ‘cancel’ culture,” Graham said of American society, arguing that many major corporations “want to destroy Christian organizations.”

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Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer

Several decades ago, figures proved that doctors were one of the top three causes of death, along with circulatory disease and cancer. This conclusion was widely scorned at the time but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a doctor who didn’t agree that it was right.

Today, the number of deaths caused by doctors is going up rapidly and doctors have for some time killed more people than cancer. Indeed, it is strongly suspected that doctors are now the major cause of death in the Western World – especially if vaccine deaths are included.

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 Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace. 

These are just a few of the policies outlined in the company handbook, dated January 2021, a copy of which was shared with The Daily SignalFox also offers to help employees come up with a “Workplace Transition Plan” to ease their gender transition at work.

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