Keto Diet = Kidney Stones

After almost 10 straight years on a keto diet, I had my first (and only, I hope) kidney stone.

The main culprit, in my opinion, is one of the highest oxalate-forming foods there is, namely, almonds in the form of almond flour. Almost every single keto baked goods recipe uses almond flour in place of regular flour. The reason being simple – almond flour is low-carb and wheat flour is high-carb. What people fail to research is the effects of prolonged use of almond flour on the body.

Here’s a shocking bit of info: one single cup of almond flour contains about 90 almonds! And only one ounce of WHOLE almonds contain 122 mg of oxalates. Compare that to pecans at 10 mg per ounce.

And here’s the icing on this crazy cake – almonds contain a particularly larger amount of cyanogenic glycosides than other plants which also contain them. This means they can be highly toxic: hydrogen cyanide is actually released from cyanogenic glycosides when plants that contain them are eaten.

My advice to you is to greatly limit, if not completely remove, these poison pellets from your diet. I will be writing an article soon on natural ways to prevent and/or remove existing kidney stones. Stay tuned!

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