God’s love and mercy do not end with the final heartbeat of each of His creatures; God’s love and mercy are everlasting! (Psalm 136)

But many denominations believe God will allow the majority of persons to suffer eternal torment, and this outcome will be entirely the fault of each un-saved person.

According to them, God has so much respect for man’s free-will that He refuses to ever intervene to save them. Even at the judgement, when they finally come to themselves and bow the knee to Him, confessing Him as Lord, they will be cast into the lake of fire, without mercy [to suffer] forever and ever.

Some God, huh? Punishing people eternally for something they failed to do during an altogether short and finite lifespan.

This doctrine of man is opposed to Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, which depicts a loving and merciful Father. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob: His mercy endures forever! (Psalm 136). The apostle to the gentiles writes, “we have set our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers.” – 1 Timothy 4:10

What God desires He does, in heaven and on earth, and what he desires is the ultimate salvation of all mankind!

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